Nokia E72 – Day 1

Last month I attended Globes Conference at Tel Aviv, and saw Nokia E72 for the first time in Israel, at the Nokia Israel booth. It took just 2.5 weeks (Kudos to Eurocom Nokia) for the E72 to arrive at my door step earlier today, for a review. As I stated before, although it’s easy to get hyped by a phone, one must review it under day-to-day activities, meaning at least 2 weeks, even 3. I will have the Nokia E72 for a month – just hope I won’t fall in love with it during the process.. 😉

Nokia E72 unboxing

It’s predecessor, the E71, is a huge success in Israel, receiving high scores in any review, and the E72 is entering the local market at an interesting time: iPhone was launched last month, Bold is holding its ground, and the E71 is the best selling Smartphone in Israel, second only to the N95 (150,000 units).

  • Will E71 users rush for an upgrade?
  • Will it take the crown of ‘Best Smartphone in Israel’ from its younger brother, the E71?
  • Will N-Series users looking for a business device opt for the E72 over the iPhone or BB Bold?

A full review will be posted early February, both here and over at (Hebrew), but I will post short updates, like this one, as the month progresses.

If you have any questions about the Nokia E72 that you’d like to ask or suggest, drop me a line here or on twitter and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

5 Responses to “Nokia E72 – Day 1”

  1. 1 Eytan January 6, 2010 at 18:56

    That’s cool!
    I have the E71 and pretty much like it, but… it does have a few problems that bother me:
    1) the contacts fields are not the same as th Outlook fields and therefore some phone numbers don’t sync properly
    2) switching between languages is not very user-friendly (to say the least…)
    3) when syncing to the computer, it doesn’t charge the phone
    4) Browsing is way behind the iPhone

    Curious to know if the E72 over comes these flaws.

  2. 2 Bhavesh K Munshi January 7, 2010 at 08:07

    1.) Check if you can force the nokia messaging to use the WLAN / WiFi as priority instead of always connecting to GPRS / EDGE / 3G and ignoring the priority settings in defined access point.

    2.) I had the issue with battery charging, for few days it never showed fully charged, it always kept on charging, but yesterday I noticed it has started saying battery charge, remove power plug.

    3.) Though nokia messaging works from my phone but I have never been able to check my email accounts at nokia’s email site which is, it always gives error message that check after some time.

    I will add more points, i hope you dont mind….

  3. 3 Dvir Reznik January 8, 2010 at 01:07

    Hi Eytan, thanks!
    Per your comments:
    1) I sync to Outlook (just as backup, not for daily usage), and had no issues with the name fields. For what fields did you encounter this?
    2) Way better in the E72: combination of Shift (Up Arrow) and Symbol, which are next to each other to the left from the spacebar, so you can change languages using one finger.
    3) Another upgrade to E71: providing you have PC Suite installed, and all drivers – USB will charge you phone, similar to N97.
    4) There’s nothing like the iPhone browsing, yet. E72 is better than N95, love the keyboard shortcuts (for bookmarking, open url, reload, etc), but it’s not an iPhone. I expected more from the OptiNav in browsing, to be more responsive and quick – accelerate scrolling if my finger is pressing harder or moving faster.

    Bavesh, thanks for the comment.
    1.) You’re right. I am using the default Messaging (not, and in the Connection settings there are ‘Always ask’ or ‘Choose one’. Too bad the Messaging doesn’t adhere to the Destinations settings, which gives priority to WLAN over 3G (a most welcome addition that I liked in the N97), and insists on 3G.
    2.) Haven’t had the chance of seeing the phone fully charge. Will plug it all night and see the results in the morning.
    3.) Sorry, can’t help you with that. Not using Nokia Messaging (, only the on-board Messaging.

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