The week is (finally) over

This was a very long week for me.

On Sunday and Tuesday I had Army Reserve Training, so no work done there.
Monday and Thursday were very busy working days.
Wednesday was the SWG Community Day event – so little work was done during that day.

Friday-Sat – my best friend’s bachelor party !! We drove to the north of Israel, 30min from the northern point, set camp on the banks of the river, brought some food and drinks (well, plenty of meat and a lot of beers) and spent the night, eating, drinking and playing drinking games.
I’ll post some pictures later.

As you can see – a very busy week, hence why my writing this week has been kinda slow.

SWG Community Day was a big success. It was the climax of the week for me – the first event in which I led the Lotus brand session. As I’ve written before I thought a lot of what to talk about, what presentation to build, and from the responses I got I know it went well. We had some 35-40 people in our session, mostly BPs and customers, and I hope they all learnt a little bit more about Lotus Collaboration Strategy and enjoy the UC2 demo we showed.
The presentation I gave will be available shortly in the event website, I’ll keep you posted.
There’s also an article you can read (in Hebrew) on the event, right here.

Speaking of articles, there are 2 on the recent Web 2.0 Goes to Work initiative and related Lotus software (Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connections), in InformationWeek and The Marker IT. These exposure we’re getting only shows just how important social software is for businesses, who are thinking of solutions on how to adopt and implement web 2.0 technologies and tools into the business. You can see a scan of the InformationWeek article to the left.

Adam has posted earlier this week about Sametime latest achievement, “IBM Lotus Sametime tops Corporate IM Platform review” at NetworkWorld.
Another excellent example of Lotus Sametime lead in the corporate market. Speaking of corporate IM, and Microsoft’s latest attempt to penetrate that market, there’s an interesting post from Simon Barratt, who installed Microsoft’s Office Life Communications Server 2007, and has some notes on version adaptability… worth the read.
Ed Brill also commented on Microsoft denied OOXML appeal. For those not in the biz, Microsoft has appealed to the ISO that its Open Office XML format be voted as an industry standard early last week. It was denied.

It has also been a good week for Notes and Domino 8 release! Some very cool stuff appeared on the web, here’s a selection of stuff I found, courtesy of Ed, Adam, Alan and more.
First there’s this demo on of Lotus Notes 8, high level marketing. Really good, highly recommended.
Then we have some videos:
Lotus Notes 8 on Linux

Lotus Notes 8 customer testimonials

Lotus Notes 8 new features demo

4 Responses to “The week is (finally) over”

  1. 1 Bob Brodsky September 11, 2007 at 14:04

    Shanna Tovah!

  2. 2 Peter de Haas September 16, 2007 at 23:16

    Hi Dvir,

    Funny analisys you’ve made by writing : Speaking of corporate IM, and Microsoft’s latest attempt to penetrate that market”
    According to many analysts Microsoft is actually leading this market in terms of revenue share (IDC), complateness of vision and ability to execute (Gartner Group).
    Don’t let the experience of one blogger fool you 😉

  3. 3 Dvir Reznik September 20, 2007 at 00:46


    Thanks for your comment.

    I am not familiar with the data you are quoting, but couple of thoughts from your comment:
    Microsoft solution for the IM arena is the public version of Live Messenger. The corporate edition of Live Communication Server was only announced this quarter, while Lotus Sametime celebrated its 10th anniversary. So maybe Live Messenger is more popular (does that equal ‘revenue share’?), but I think IBM’s vision and ability to execute are very well positioned in the enterprise IM arena, and IBM have roughly 16 million Lotus Sametime corporate customers to prove it.

    Thanks for your comment, and I’d love to read the reports you mentioned, from IDC and Gartner. As usual with analyst companies, I have other reports stating the opposite… 😉

    Enjoy your weekend, Dvir.

  4. 4 Peter de Haas September 27, 2007 at 10:46


    You are misinformed. Microsoft introduced Live Communications Server 2003 in 2003 …
    Yes much much later than IBm did its SameTime product .. however … the uptake, measured in revenues(IDC 2007) of LCS 2003 / 2005 and the client Communicator (introduced in 2005)has raced past SameTime.

    Ofcourse I am not referring to LiveMessenger (250+ Million users) as this is consumer focussed.

    I am talking about Micorosft making big progress the RTC space in the enterprise bith measured in revenues as well as innovative power.

    I will post a link to the reports here later today / tomorrow and would love to see *any* recent report claiming SameTime’s market leadership 😉

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