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After more than 16 years of playing basketball – in elementary school, hi-school, semi-professional league, workplace league and for leisure/cardio, I finally have (great) pics to show off. Thank to Dafna Talmon for taking them @ #Tweetball. The full set can be viewed at Dafna’s Flickr.

Jumpshot. Photo by Dafna Talmon

Jumpshot. Photo by Dafna Talmon

'Driving' to the basket. Photo by Dafna Talmon

'Driving' to the basket. Photo by Dafna Talmon

Car Review: Alfa Romeo MiTo

We had 16 hours together, less than a day, but it was more than enough to make the (un)conscious decision – I want one! And if I had 150k NIS (35K US$), I’d buy it in a heart beat. Because when it comes to hot hatchbacks, the Alfa Romeo MiTo is unique and different.

My 16 hours with Alfa’s new hot 3-door began some 2 weeks ago, with an innocent twit, and little belief this will go through. After all, Israel is not the US, and while Ford gave bloggers the new Flex + gas, Israel is 12-18 months behind when it comes to social media adoption, especially in the B2B arena, but gaining ground fast. Nir Ben-Shlomo, Alfa Romeo Israel Brand Manager contacted me several hours after my twit, and we set up this first blogger car review in Israel.

The MiTo (Milano-Torino) is a sexy car, attracting attention where-ever you go. On the highway, in traffic, people slowed down next to me just to get a quick glance at this beauty. Arriving to Orange parking was an event by itself, as people gathered around the car, eying it in every occasion. The curves of the Alfa reveal some of its sources, like the amazing 8C Competizione, especially in the front of the car.

True to the current trend of smaller and more economical engines, this MiTo has a 1.4L powerhouse, with a Turbo-charger for the added force. It’s not a Prius when it comes to fuel consumption, but still holds its own in CO2 emissions, with 153 gr/km. The 1.4 Turbo-charged engine puts out 155 BHP and 169lb ft @ 3,000 RPM, transferred to the road via a 6-speed manual gearbox. With Alfa’s DNA system which control the steering wheel, suspension and Turbo – there’s power in every gear, starting from 2,000 RPM until the red line at 8,000. Acceleration to 60MPH is 8sec flat (quite fast), but the 60-90 and 80-120 are faster, thanks to the Turbo charger, kicking in at 2,500/3,000 RPMs, bringing the horizon faster to you.

Based on the Fiat Grande Punto, Alfa had their hands tied in some aspects, but the interior is usual Alfa style. There’s much beauty inside, and driving in one is a pure joy. The electric steering does a great job at the city, the gearbox stick falls right in your hand and all there’s left to do is lowering the windows and hear the music. Of the engine. The on-board sound system includes 8 speakers and MP3 support with steering wheel control, but I did miss a line-in input for iPods and MP3 players. There’s a 2-area climate control system and 9 airbags for safety. The back seat will house 2 adults, but not for long rides – leg room is just ok.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo is one small sexy car, with a great engine and handling capabilities. Packed with driving assistant systems and great interior it will give you the joy you need, in the city or outside.

Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4
ENGINE: 1368cc, four cylinders
POWER: 155bhp @ 5500rpm
TORQUE: 169 lb ft @ 3000rpm
TRANSMISSION: Six-speed manual
FUEL: 43.5mpg (combined)
CO2: 153g/km
ACCELERATION: 0-62mph: 8sec
TOP SPEED: 134mph

Photo album from the test drive
Videos of the test drive
MiTo car review at newsgeek (Hebrew)

SuperBowl XLIII Commercials

Although I stayed up for the first 45min of the game last night, I saw no commercials.. 🙁
Luckily, there’s the internet.

Lior Zoref wrote about his favorites, Bilal did the same, Jon Borg talked about Hulu’s revolutionMitch Cohen went all the way and provided the link to all of them, over at Thanks Mitch!

Here’s my (and Lior’s) favorite, Hulu with Alec Baldwin:

The beer canon

Amazing how lazy one can get.. This next guy, who seems pretty normal btw, sat one day at home, watching some game on TV, when suddenly his beer ran out. He could get up to the kitchen, fetch himself another one, but he though – No. I want the beer to come to me. So, he built a beer canon (yes, a canon), can connects somehow to a little frig, and shoots out beer cans.. I am not sure how many people would buy this new gadget, but I think the inventor can rest easy – there will be enough lazy people willing to pay $1500 for the “privilege” of not getting off their sofa..

Long story short, watch this next video:

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Superbowl tv spots are here!

Not much of a superbowl fan, but there’s nothing like the tv ads. I still don’t know why put $2.5m for a 30sec spot, but then again, I’m not the one paying, so my opinion doesn’t worth much..

Gizmondo have already posted a post about the ads, their favorites. You can view them here.

You can also check YouTube!, which have a special page for the Superbowl spots, where you can rate the top ads, and watch them (dahh..)..

BTW, here’s my favorite ad (Budlight of course..)

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And, finally, congratulations to Payton Manning, for winning MVP and bringing the title to the Colts after 36 years…

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