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Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review

We’re closing in on the YE, and the summations/reviews/top-10 lists are already underway.

Zeitgeist (The spirit of the times) is the Google way of telling the world what happened (methodology), by looking into top searches, fastest rising and fastest falling, filtered by country/industry. Interesting to see what different countries are searching for – ‘פייסבוק‘ (facebook in Hebrew) was the #1 search term in Israel, with Youtube clinching the #3 spot. The US was most interested in iPad (fastest rising) and the tragic oil spill (fastest rising in News).

For those in a hurry, here’s the 3min summary of the Google Zeitgeist 2010:

LOTS of data can be found in the Google list, and plenty of insight is available on each search query. There’s also an interactive map where you can zoom in, change timeline and compare events – feel free to explore for yourselves.

FIFA World Cup 2.0

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is upon us, kicking-off June 11 in Africa. Although not a big soccer fan, World Cup is once every 4 years, so I decided to make an exception. I’ve compiled a list of the little things [careful, pdf] that will help you follow your favorite country, all the way to the Finals. If you have something to add, comment away and I’ll include it in the original list.

2010 FIFA World Cup logo

Have to say that I’m somewhat disappointed at the minimal usage FIFA are doing with social media services in one of the most (maybe even #1) popular sports in the world – no official twitter account, facebook group, foursquare venues, youtube channel (not active), only non-official blog. I know it’s in a developing continent, but still, there will be plenty of soccer-loving-social-media-junkies out there, that can help those at home keep track of the action. The World Cup sponsors however (and South Africa’s government), are not counting on FIFA, and promoting their own campaigns, such as Sony-Ericcson’s Twitter Cup, which shows an interactive stadium that fills based on the number of tweets. Budweiser will host Bud House [twitter], a rendition of The Real World, focused on soccer of course. Coca-Cola will launch their advertising campaign May 15, in 90 markets and heavy YouTube partnership, under the ‘Quest‘ name.

That’s it, for now. In the meantime, the NBA Playoffs are at Conference Semi-Finals (East/West) – you can follow the action at or

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