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Tech tip: where are my emoticons?

Got asked this yesterday by a colleague and it got me curious – where does Lotus Notes saves my 150+ smileys I use frequently in my instant messages? After a quick search, and a 5min chat with a colleague across the pond (another IM ROI), I found the answer.

First off, it depends which interface you’re using for IM: Lotus Notes or Lotus Sametime.
Secondly, the version is also important.

Most users are probably working like me, meaning the embed IM within my Notes client (see screenshot below). So, head over to and you’ll find them! It’s also convenient for copy-paste actions, as well as import/export.

I think this post worthies an article at developerWorks.. 😉

What I have in Firefox 3

Since upgrading to Firefox 3 some 10 days ago I’ve been trying to optimize its performance, both in UI (themes and extensions) and extensibility (plugins and extensions).

The installation went very smooth, the software remembered all my preferences, but I had some issues with daily usage: my ‘back’ button didn’t display the name of the site, some plugins were not suitable for FF3 and other extensions I wasn’t using that much. Some issues were answered by @firefox_help – excellent example of using micro-blogging to reach your audience. There are other examples here (Mashable) and here (Hebrew).

Niv Calderon asked me to share my extensions, as he did a while back. For the sake of saving real-estate space I decided to start with a blank page, un-install all my extensions and install only what I use on a daily basis.
There’s also a screenshot of my Search engines, what I’m using more frequently is at the top of course – web 2.0 related, either IBM internal or public – results are better coming from those sources.

So, this is how my Extensions window in Firefox looks like:
bluetwitsidebar – an IBM extension that adds twitter to FF sidebar, and integrates with internal IBM micro-blogging tools, such as BeeHive.

Colorful Tabs – cute, adds some color to your browser

Ctrl-Tab – super extension with cool UI, F4 opens up a tab mosaic for easy access to open tabs

Delicious Bookmarks – add bookmarks and search your existing ones

Facebook toolbar – Share button is most important, as I share quite often. The rest are nice, but can live without them

Forecastfox – what should I wear tomorrow? short sleeves or short sleeves…

FoxClocks – when working with Europe and the US a lot, it’s a priceless extension

Foxear – another IBM extension, that adds Lotus Connections’ social bookmarking buttons (similar to, only internal)

Gmail Manager – easy way to see what’s up in my Gmail inbox, without keeping the tab open

Google Gears

Google Preview – adds a tiny preview to Google Search results

IBM Bluepages Plugin – another IBM internal extension, for our employee directory. Allows me to add people to my Lotus Notes 8 address book, IM list or personal group

IE Tab – for those ‘great’ websites that support standards

Minimap Addon – just installed it, haven’t use it much yet to form an opinion

PDF download – open or save a file, without freezing your tab/browser

Screen grab – copy or save full screen, visible portion or selection – brilliant

Tab Mix Plus – probably one of the best FF extensions ever. The FF3 extension is still in beta

Tommy! – another internal IBM extension, that aggregates employee directory, IM, blogs, bookmarks and communities – in one mini-view

Undo Closed Tabs Button – ever closed a tab by mistake? here’s the solution for restoring it

Web 2.0 Unified Search – not an actual extension, but more a search engine plugin, IBM internal, that looks up in every web 2.0 repository (blogs, communities, bookmarks, social networks, etc)

Who is This Person – highlight a name and search various people finder search engines

If you have any extension I’m not using, that you feel I should – leave a comment.

Extending Lotus Notes 8

Decided to tweak my Lotus Notes 8 Client a bit over the weekend, as I have some client meetings coming up this week, and I wanted to highlight the best feature Notes 8 possess (in my opinion): Open, Eclipse based, platform.

What is Lotus Notes 8 sidebar? It’s actually a list of plug-ins that you can add to your Notes 8 client, located at the right hand side. The defaults includes your Lotus Sametime contacts (an integrated Sametime client within Notes 8), Day-at-a-glance view and RSS feed reader. The sidebar has 3 viewing options: Close, Thin or Open. To the left you can see the thin mode. Just below there’s the open mode of the sidebar, much more clearer…

After tweaking, my sidebar has much more features, without any performance issues, btw. Working smoothly on my Intel Core Duo, 1GB, ThinkPad X60 machine.

Besides the default Sametime Contacts, I’ve added a Primary Contacts plug-in (that I “stole” from my Sametime Connect 7.5.1 client), to which I can drag-and-drop the people I communicate more often, and see their picture, instead of the name. I also added today the cool feature of BluePages Client (developed initially for Lotus Expeditor), which basically adds a BluePages (IBM’s internal employee directory, with over 4M searches per week!) application, that allows me to search and view information from the employee directory without leaving my Notes client. There also an Activities plug-in, one of the 5 services within Lotus Connections, IBM’s social software. If an activity (to-do) is signed to me, I can view it right there. Another cute plug-in is the Sidekick. I discovered it by accident, as I was reading through a Lotus presentation and saw this plug-in in one of the screen shots. It basically provides a relational overview of the document currently highlighted. If there’s a url, the Sidekick will provide a preview of the page; an address – a little map pops out, with directions. I think you get the idea.

You’re probably arguing that you must have some technical knowhow in order to do this. Not at all. I’m a bit of a geek, but programming is not my thing. I had to make a small change to an .ini file – but as long as you keep a copy of the original, there’s no harm. The sidebar is definitely one of my best reasons for loving Lotus Notes 8.

Alan Lepofsky also commented about Notes 8 sidebar, here and here are the latest. Oh, another one, here. There are couple of places you can visit if you want to learn more on Lotus Notes 8 Sidebar and how you can extend your working experience:
Alan Lepofsky
more developerWorks

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