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Newsgeek Party Tonight

My Hebrew blog (not mine – I just co-author) is celebrating 3 months at a cool party tonight, Tuesday, at Tel Aviv Harbor. Consider yourselves invited!

Impression from PS/3 launch party

It was a nice evening yesterday in Tel Aviv, Israel, as Sony prepared to launch the PS/3. In the trendy Whiskey-Gogo bar at the Tel Aviv Harbor, gathered some 200+ game freaks to play the next gen of Sony’s Blu-Ray machine. Major internet news sites covered the event – you can read from, walla!, Ynet and others.

Some red PS/3 banners welcomed the guests (by invitation only), and 12-14 PS/3 consoles were spread out in the room, with matching Sony LCDs – to support the HD capabilities of the console. Sony also invited local celebrities, Basketball and Football players, news anchors and business man – who came with their kids…

The console itself is pretty amazing. All the videos you see can’t reflect the true quality of the machine, and Sony also allocated one Full HD LCD to show the difference between regular DVD and Blu-Ray DVD – just for fun. Sony released 8 Blu-Ray titles, and the first 1000 lucky buyers would get the PS/3 with the latest Bond movie, Casino Royale. On the demo, it looked superb! But how many of us, normal people, have Full-HD LCD in our living room? I’m guessing very few…

If you want to play with the new PS/3, you can visit the IBM booth tomorrow (March 21st) at the 2007 STKI.Info Summit, at Avenue, Airport City. IBM is taking sponsorship at the summit and will showcase the PS/3 console as part of its Innovation message. I will be there also, for IBM (my employer..) taking the guests on a virtual Second Life tour, into IBM Islands.. IBM has 12 islands in SL, including 2 stores (Circuit City and Sears), along with SOA Hub and conference halls.

Anyway, see you tomorrow at the IBM booth !

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