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Impression from Blogference

First I would like to give a big congrats to IDC – for taking this task of producing the 1st bloggers conference in Israel. Another r-e-s-p-e-c-t goes for bringing top notch bloggers from the US, led by Om Malik – who was the only speaker that got the auditorium to look small…

I wanted to participate on both days, but I could only attend the 2nd day – half day, in which I participated in the 3rd workshop of the conference, entitled “Next generation of communications and information management – Web logging as an inner organizations tool”, together with Eyal Levin from IBM SWG.
Although the turn-out was a bit lower than I expected, it was quite an interesting discussion, and during it I realized that the barriers for bringing blogging inside the corporation, as well as other web 2.0 technologies, are taller than what they seem.
Don’t get me wrong – corporations understand now that web 2.0 is here to stay, and that web 2.0 is going to work, but there’s still a gap between realizing it and implementing it. And as a sales specialist managing the Lotus brand in IBM SWG (responsible for IBM’s collaboration software) – my task is to narrow that gap (among other things..).

Anyhow – it’s been quite an experience as a blogger to see that Israel is deep inside web 2.0 and we even managed to get Om Malik here. Om, one thing thou – why did you pay so much money for wi-fi access? Most coffee shops in Tel Aviv have free wi-fi (over 75%), and some shopping malls are completely covered.. Next time 🙂

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