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Lotusphere 2009 Buzz

Lotusphere 2009 is starting in just under 12 hours, and the net is already buzzing with news about Lotus’ big event. There are couple of ways to stay on top of what’s going on in Orlando this week, too many ways in fact, so here are my fav 5 (10 actually):
Lotusphere on twitter
Lotusphere Blog
Ed Brill (twitter or blog)
Alan, Bruce, LotusEvangelist, Bilal and Alex.

Lotusphere meets SouthPark

In preparation for Lotus’ big week, IBM have been releasing some sneak-peaks and spoilers at what’s coming up at the 16th Annual Lotus Event. Here are some of them.
IBM offers sneak pick at Lotusphere 2009

IBM confirmed to that there will be four new product announcements at the event, and that new online collaboration services will be unveiled. IBM Lotus programme director Chris Reckling plans to demonstrate how new social software tools are needed to meet new communication challenges. – More firms are switching from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes

The increasing market share Lotus is enjoying, both through retaining existing clients and gaining significant numbers of new customers, suggests that IBM’s Lotus platform strategy is highly successful and sustainable.

More than half of Fortune Global 100 are using Lotus Notes and Domino

Over the past 15 months ending in the third quarter of 2008, more than 12,000 new organizations bought their first Notes/Domino licenses, and more than half of the Fortune global 100 now use Lotus Notes and Domino. This includes more than 80 percent of the largest banks, consumer product, electronics, insurance, pharmaceutical and telecommunications companies — as well as more than 50 percent of America’s largest 100 companies.

IBM acquires Outblaze – online messaging, collaboration service provider

The messaging service will become part of the IBM Lotus “Bluehouse” online social networking and collaboration project that’s currently in open beta, IBM said. The company is expected to disclose more details at next week’s Lotusphere conference in Orlando, Fla., about how the Outblaze assets will become part of IBM’s online portfolio.

I’m a Mac, I’m a PC (and I’m a Linux)

Best pracetices track at Lotusphere 2009

As you know already, Lotusphere 2009 is already underway, scheduled for January 18-22, 2009. My colleague Mac Guidera is the manager of the Best Practices track, and is taking a very social approach towards gathering ideas. Basically, the Best Practices track has grown over the years to become one of the most popular at Lotusphere because it cover topics and has content that is relevant to you.

If you’re a customer or a BP interested in presenting at LS09, Mac has the full 411 on how to accomplish that.

Lotusphere 2009
LS09 – Call for abstracts
LS09 – Tracks and sessions
Mac Guidera – Best Practices track
IdeaJam – LS09 Best Practices

IBM’s Commitment to Lotus Notes/Domino

My friend Alan Lepofsky, who’ll be keynoting our Lotus Collaboration Event on March 20th, wrote an excellent post on ‘The Cure for Fear of Commitment‘. Ed Brill also mentioned Alan’s post. Alan posted this in response to a customer’s CIO asking how committed IBM/Lotus is to Notes/Domino family. Instead of sending an email, he posted his thoughts and hard proof on his blog, for all to see and use. Highlights from Alan’s post:

At Lotusphere 2008, IBM announced:



  • Calendar enhancements including better iCal support and Group calendaring.
  • The future Domino Designer running in Eclipse. This will provide developers the modern UI they have been asking for, a ton of new features, including the new XPages design element.
  • A new “Web 2.0” makeover for Domino HTTP applications.
  • For the Domino server, simplifying Notes Identity management and authentication, options to replace Domino Directory with alternative LDAP directories, optimize and reduce attachment storage, further reduce I/O bandwidth, improved quality of service with the Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT), and Dynamic Group Policies.

* All future plans are subject to change!

Head over to Alan’s blog to read the full post.

Alan – see you in Israel next week 🙂

Lotusphere 2008 registration is open

The 15th annual IBM Lotusphere event will take place in January 20-24, 2008, in Orlando, Florida, USA. Registration is now open.

Hopefully, this would be my first Lotusphere, and I’m very excited. Not only because it’s the 15th annual event, but also because I’ve heard a lot about the recent events, and tried to monitor what I could and was available online. But being there is something entirely different. Ed Brill already commented on LS08, and I’m sure there will be more updates from him and other Lotus colleagues in the future.

Couple of observations:

  • Now is the time to send your abstracts, and get the opportunity to present in Lotusphere 2008, either in Break Out session or Birds-of-a-Feather session.
  • One giant dinner ! excellent chance for networking, and eating with the people you came with, not according to assignments.
  • QuickStart sessions, on all the new Lotus products announced in 2007.
  • Business Development Day for IBM Business Partners only.

See you all in January 2008!

BTW – if you missed Lotusphere 2007, or you just want to refresh your memory, check out the Lotusphere 2007 page.

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