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StatusSearch – Get (more) reliable results

The Jewish mind keeps coming up with new inventions and ideas, luring CEOs to the holy land, even in the July sun – no wonder Israel has some 3,500 start-up companies, 2nd only to the US.

My friend Lior Levin joined forces with ROR dude Elad Meidar to form, which brings you results from your friends’ updates in twitter and facebook. The idea is improving reliability of course – if I’m searching for Michael Jackson, my friends will provide better results than the general population, or I wouldn’t have followed/friended them to begin with. LinkedIn and MySpace integrations are on the way as well.

The idea is simple, and is a semi-semantic way to filter results. While twitter search crawls the entire user base, looks at your friends only, assuming they know what they talk about.. 😉

Couple of things I noticed from a brief use that are worth mentioning/conversing:

  • True to the ‘real-time’ reality, the results are 1-paged, no option for ‘more’. You do get an icon to see the source of each result, but if your answer is 2-3 days old, you won’t see it. Also, it’s unclear to me how frequent the crawler works and if there’s any attempt to ‘even’ the results between twitter and facebook (think not). Does the engine displays ‘power users’ results first (because those users are more connected – thus what they say is more accurate/important/RTed/Liked)?
  • Size matters? I’m following some 650 people and sport 950 friends in facebook, which makes my pool of knowledge average I guess, at 1,600 minds. There is wisdom in there, don’t get me wrong, but how will a 500-mind pool looks like? or 5,000?
  • Memory loss. Sometimes I wish to see stuff I updated, and in that case I go to my own stream at Although I tried several times, no results from ‘me’ appeared in statussearch timeline, but that’s probably because I’m no longer friends with myself… 😉
  • Integration points. There are 2, email alerts and a firefox search plugin, both highly welcome. You can create unlimited number (free, for now) of alerts and receive an email once something happen (daily or immediately). The FF plugin (accessible from every page, right-hand side) is most useful – I’m a huge search plugin fan that makes the solution serve you, where/when/how you want, and not vise-versa.

Overall, I think Lior and Elad are on to something. The web is filled with junk data, and everyone, big to small, are trying to come up with solutions that will filter the gold out. StatusSearch is not a semantic search engine, but by tapping your friends’ knowledge instead of the general population, we’re one step closer towards finding that ONE result we want.

Live coverage – Globes Israel Business Conference

Globes’ annual Israel Business Conference will start tomorrow (Sunday), with an impressive list of speakers and guests compiling a wide and diverse array of business and political leaders, coming to discuss the future of Israel’s economy. All of Israel’s who’s and who will attend this year, especially in light of the global recession our world is facing. If you’re busy and can’t attend in person, relax – this is 2008 – we have twitter, blogs and broadband internet access.

For the first ‘official’ time, the conference will be socially covered by my colleagues Omer Perchik and Lior Levin (big thanks to for setting it up). Omer and Lior will update frequently on their twitter, and live-blog from the many panels and sessions during the 2-day conference.

Omer, Lior – waiting to read your thoughts. Good luck !

Globes’ Israel Business Conference (Hebrew / English)
Omer Perchik
Lior Levin

The speakers:

סאם זל Sam Zell
Equity Group Investments, LLC
יעקב פרנקל Prof. Jacob Frenkel
Chairman G-30
Vice Chairman AIG; Former Governor, Bank of Israel
סטיב רוס Prof. Steve Ross
Professor of Financial Economics
ג'ואל קורצמן Joel Kurtzman
Chairman, Kurtzman Group and Senior Fellow at the Milken Institute
אנדרה שניידר Andre Schneider
Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer
World Economic Forum
ברברה ג'וד Lady Barbara Judge
UK Atomic Energy Authority
ארט דה גוס Aart de Geus
Deputy Secretary-General
דניאל טנגאוזר Daniel Tenengauzer
Head of Global Currencies Strategy Group
Merrill Lynch
טים פולנטי - מושל מינסוטה Tim Pawlenty
Governor of Minnesota
הולי וויקס Holly Weeks
Author, Consultant, CEO
Holly Weeks Communication
שריף אל דיוואני Sherif El Diwany
Director – Middle East
World Economic Forum
ג'יימס ג'יאנג Prof. James Jiang
President & CEO
Gaozhi Soft
סומיטרה דוטה Prof. Soumitra Dutta
Dean of External Relations
צ'אק פורטר Chuck Porter
Crispin, Porter + Bogusky
קיגה הוויד Kigge Hvid
בארי צ'יסוויק Prof. Barry Chiswick
Distinguished Professor or Economy
University of Illinois
מייק זאפי זאפולין Mike “Zappy” Zapolin
Internet Real Estate
פלורנס  דווארד Florence Devouard
Consultant in Internet Communication Strategy
Wikimedia Foundation
לידואו זונג Liduo Zhong
Wonder Group & Chairman
Tsinghua Uniresource Ltd.
גלן יאגו Glenn Yago
Director Capital Studies
Milken Institute
יו יונגדינג Yu Yongding
Director, Institute of World Economics and Politics
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
אדאו רסי Adeo Ressi
יונתן לבב Jonathan Levav
Associate Professor of Business
Columbia Business School
גורינדר סינג Dr. Gurinder Singh
Pro Vice Chancellor
Amity University, U. P. (India) & Director General of Amity International Business School
פרופ' כריסטוף לוך Prof. Christoph Loch
Professor of Technology and Operations Management and Dean of the PhD Program
גדעון ליכפילד Gideon Lichfield
Former Jerusalem Correspondent, The Economist
ג'ונתן סטורי Prof. Jonathan Story
Professor of International Political Economy
ג'ף פולבר Jeff Pulver
Founder and Chairman
מייקל פרטיק Michael Fertik
Dr. Heiko Frank
Managing Director
Tefen AG, Germany
מישל קוראש Michele Corash
Former Advisor
US Environmental Protection Agency
רן קיבץ Prof. Ran Kivetz
Professor of Business
Columbia University
אדם בליי Adam Bly
Founder, CEO and Editor in Chief
Seed Media Group

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