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This morning I witnessed one of the greatest shots ever made in the past 20 years I’m following the NBA. Yes, even Jordan’s last shot of his career comes short.

LeBron James, MVP of the regular season and the Cavs go-to-guy, probably saved their season with this amazing shot, because heading to Orlando for 2 games, with a 0-2 deficit, is a tough nut to crack. After turning the ball to the Magic in the last 3 possessions (2 charges and traveling calls), not ot mention allowing the Magic to come back from a 22-point deficit in 2Q, he watch as Hidayet Turkoglu gave the Magic a 95-93 lead, with 1 sec left to the game. And then this happened. AMAZING!

Putting Web 2.0 to use, courtesy of the NBA and YouTube

Web 2.0 concept isn’t new, and I’m sure all of you are familiar with some of the technologies relating with that term. The question is not whether or not you’re familiar with it, but rather are you using it, how and why. And that’s the greatness of a new technology – it’s hard to appreciate it, until you actually use it.

For those not into basketball, the 2007 NBA Playoffs are on, at the semi-finals stage of each coast (east/west). Although we have 4-5 sports channels in Israel, the number of games available are very slim, about 1-3 per week. As a hugh basketball fan, and a player on the weekends, it’s something I won’t miss, no matter the time. I can watch basketball all night, in fact, basketball is the only thing that I would consider setting a clock for (say 4a.m.), and actually getting up. Yesterday I saw the Nets-Cavaliers game #3, which started at midnight (local time) until 2:30 a.m. At 4 a.m the Spurs-Suns game #4 started, but it was too much for me, although that game was also aired.
Thank god for YouTube and the NBA.

The NBA have opened up a user on YouTube, and during these difficult times of many highlights they upload some content to YouTube. That isn’t taken for granted. NBA Video is a new feature at, that allows fans to watch complete games, but they still decided to upload some content, especially Top 10 and game previews.

This is how I put Web 2.0 to use. Personal use. And my appreciation to NBA and YouTube for collaborating to the benefit of the fans just increased. And that’s what it’s all about.

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