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See you @ Nokia World 2010

I’ll be attending Nokia World 2010 next week, Sep. 14-15, at London, UK, the first Israeli blogger to attend this yearly Nokia conference. I, along with several journalists, are flying to London as guests of Eurocom-Nokia (Nokia Israel), who are covering our expenses.

I’m arriving to London on Monday noon (the 13th) and will be leaving Wednesday night (the 15th). Not much time, and plenty of things to do (scroll down to my agenda), but I’d love to meet fellow Nokia World attendees,  facebook/twitter/LinkedIn friends in the area, or colleagues, for a beer (or burger, depending on the time).

Welcome to Nokia World

Nokia World will take place at ICC London ExCel, located at the center of London Docklands. The 2-day event is packed with keynote speakers, including Olli-Pekka Kallasvou, President & CEO, Nokia, Anssi Vanjokl, EVP Mobile Solutions, Nokia, Vittorio Colao, Group CEO, Vodafone, Sir Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the world-wide-web), Paco Contreras, Group Product Manager, Microsoft, Kevin Thau, VP Mobile, Twitter, Michael Gartenberg, Altimeter Group, Adam Medros, VP, TripAdvisor, and many more.

Nokia World 2010 - The Experience Lounge

The Experience Lounge will feature pretty much everything Nokia and its business partners are offering, including latest products, offerings, services and applications, as well as a networking platform for mobile experts.

Here’s my agenda so far – if you have any suggestions, do add them in the comments and I’ll do my best to attend. You can follow me on twitter and foursquare for the latest updates, announcements, pictures, videos and check-ins.

Monday, Sep. 13th

Tuesday, Sep. 14th

Wednesday, Sep. 15th

See you in London !!

Nokia Apps Review – Waze (GPS)

Location based services (LBS) are a hot topic now, owing the success to the built-in GPS chips available in every mobile smartphone sold today. In Israel, every cellular provider (4) has its own GPS application, which costs extra $$ monthly to use, and users, like myself, decided to look for alternatives [HE review].


2 years ago I came across Waze, a social mobile application providing free turn-by-turn navigation based on the live conditions of the road. The idea is simple – waze provides the software, but the users are the driving force behind it:  the more you drive, the better it gets. Each driver shares his location and road conditions with fellow ‘wazers’, alerting them of traffic jams, police, and accidents. Twitter and Foursquare integration are also available.

Waze is available for iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry (Beta). Simply point your phone’s browser to or follow the instructions here. The symbian version (officially) works with Nokia E66/71/72/75 and N82/85/95/95 8GB/96/97. Personally, I know it’s been used with Nokia 5800, N86, and E52.

Waze are doing an excellent work online with their community, sporting a company blog, users-blog, forums, wiki, hall of fame users (each report is worth points), recent map updates (by location), twitter (global and Israel) and much more.

Here’s what Scobleizer had to say about Waze, in a recent visit to Israel:

Nokia Apps Review – Gravity and SMS Preview

I’ve been a Nokia fanatic for over 10 years now, and had the chance to review some of the latest cellphones that made it to Israel. Recently, I upgraded my private N95 to an E72 – something I promised to do last June, once the newest E-series will become available.

Nokia App Store, aka OVi Store, is often not mentioned in the same sentence with Google’s Android Market, yet alone Apple’s App Store – both more advanced (UI-wise) and offer a larger variety. Still, there are some cool apps out there, for Nokia, that are worthy a post, or two. This post is the first in a series that will review the apps I’m using on my E72 device, starting with my own favorite Gravity and my first OVi download – SMS Preview. All pictures were taken using another (free) Nokia app, Best Screen Snap.

Gravity [14-day trial, $9.95 buy]

Gravity for Symbian

Gravity Homepage

Gravity is the best twitter client available for Symbian today. Although it costs $10 ($9.95 actually), it justifies every cent. First off, Gravity is more than ‘just’ twitter. The latest version (1.30 build 6355) added Foursquare support, which is the best thing @foursquare could have hoped for – without an official Symbian app, Gravity is the only non-web method Nokia users can check-in, add places, see map and shout. Since having Foursquare in Gravity, my check-ins have increased dramatically.

Gravity for Symbian - Browse menu

Gravity for Symbian - Browse menu

As a twitter client, it’s a fully-featured piece of software, that allows you to: upload images (twitpic, mobypicture, posterous, twitgoo, yfrog, or, create/save searches, lookup a user, create groups, favorite tweets and more.  Mobile access combined with geo-tagging is not the future, it’s the present – and foursquare should assign Jan Ole (Gravity author) some stock options for helping them tap the largest cellphone audience.

SMS Preview [Free]

SMS Preview for Symbian

SMS Preview for Symbian

Back when I was previewing Google Nexus One (Hebrew) I was looking for an app that will handle SMS in an easier and more fashionable way. SMS Preview does a similar job for Symbian, by showing a full preview of the message you received, regardless of the app you’re currently in, for a defined period (5-60 sec). Double-click any key to dismiss the preview. Easy and simple solution that saves you time and helps you decide which action to take.

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