iPhone 3G – Not for me, thanks

Since yesterday’s announcement at WWDC, it seems the world has stopped: no more hunger, we found a cure for AIDS, our atmosphere is fine, water is more expensive than gas and everyone are happy – the iPhone 3G is here.

Even thou Apple are continuing to I-G-N-O-R-E the Israeli market, consciously (still not clear why), there are plenty of iPhones here, much more than in Jordan or Central Africa Republic. I advise Apple to read the Hebrew chapter from Microsoft’s book. But that’s not the main problem I have with Apple.

No Lotus Notes support. That’s my problem.

I don’t get Steve Jobs, really don’t. What’s the point of brushing off 45% of your potential customers? If iPhone 3G wants to compete with BlackBerry in the corporate market place, why Apple ignores almost half of its consumer base? And don’t start talking about Apple’s SDK for iPhone. Have you read the fine-print? Show me where you see the word ‘mail’ in there. There are other ways of making iPhone-Lotus integration, but they are not acceptable by Apple.

Even if Apple will sport Lotus Notes support, the iPhone still lags behind the cellular standard of 2008 (and even 2007). Yes, it’s sleek, and very cool. You can’t deny that. But when it comes to features and functionality, there are better devices out there: Nokia N95/N96, Blackberry Curve /Bold, Palm Treo, LG Prada, HTC Diamond and others.

So, if anyone at Apple cares, no iPhone 3G for me.
I’m staying with my Nokia N95, definitely buying microSD 8GB HC card now.
The day there’s native Lotus Notes support, I’m ordering one. 16GB, black.

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  1. 1 Andre June 11, 2008 at 09:56

    Great article. Here is my take.
    I think this is something which is popular in the US. Thankfully in Europe we have amazing mobile phones on the market which are better than the iPhone, cost less and can be replaced every 12 months free of charge. I am amazed every time Steve makes an announcement and the “geeks jump”. maps on a mobile was one of the GREAT inventions by Stevy I, like thousands of others had used it for months before the first iPhone was announced. This worked on a BASIC Symbian device (Nokia). Well done Goolge!!! 3G? no comment…. I am wondering if the iPhone will now finally have basic functionality which makes a phone usable (copy and paste)….. So no iPhone hype for me at present. Go Blackberry, Go Symbian and go all the rest……

  2. 2 dotmad June 12, 2008 at 07:57

    I agree the hype around iPhone got out of proportion:

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