Power 2 the People – Final presentation

It’s coming, 3 days away.
Software Group Community Day will take place this Wed., Sep. 5th, at Cinema City, just outside of Tel Aviv. During the half-day event SWG will hold 5 different sessions, one for each brand. You can read more information and register to the event here ibm.com/il/news/events/community.

Lotus session will be focused on Power 2 the People. Some of us have met 3 months ago in the Portal User Group help late June, and maybe even at Lotusphere Comes To You back in March. I wanted to provide you information about Lotus Strategy, and cover some of the recent announcements made (Lotus Notes/Domino 8, Lotus Sametime 8, Acquisition of WebDialogs), but at the same time keeping the session simple and light, while providing you the opportunity to explore some of the products.

So, the title of my lecture is: Power 2 the People – how the social computing (r)evolution is changing the business landscape. You can see the agenda slide above.
I will give a very quick overview of Web 2.0, Social Computing and how the business landscape is changing and most importantly – why. Why organizations adopt web 2.0 technologies, try social software as an internal collaboration tool, all in the interest of improving the people’s productivity. Basically – giving the power to you employees.

For the 2nd part of the session you will see a live demo of UC2 – Unified Communications and Collaboration solution, based on Lotus Sametime as a platform.

So, in short – should be a very exciting session!!

There’s still time to register, right here ibm.com/il/news/events/community .

See you Wednesday 🙂

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