More pictures from STKI 2007

My earlier post was published during the event itself, so I had little time to browse through the pictures and posted only 2.
Here are some more pictures from the event, were IBM took center stage at the welcome hall, showcasing PS/3 for the 2nd time in Israel, but 1st to the open public. As you can see from the pictures, IBM ‘game arena’ was packed all day…

Here you can see an overview of the IBM ‘gaming arena’, early morning, just before the crowd came rushing in… We had 4 PS/3 consoles, and Sony’s LCDs to accompany the Full-HD capabilities of the console.

STKI summit is an annual event that attracts many IT executives, including IBM’s. Between the networking and the lectures I was able to sit 2 unit executives for some Formula 1 action. On the left is Michael Oran, Systems and Technology Group (STG) Manager and Zeev Gal-Tzur, Software Group (SWG) Manager, going head-to-head. Also notice the Bluetooth capabilities of PS/3 – the game controllers are connected wireless to the console itself.

PlayStation 3 up close and personal. The Israel version is the high-end version, the only one available in Europe (at the US you have 2 vesrions). Israel’s version includes a 60GB HDD, memory card readers, bluetooth and wi-fi. And the picture quality is, well, awesome!!

Last picture I thought I give myself some visibility. On the left that’s me, middle is Nirit Icekson, IBM Global Services marketing manager and on the right is Roni Aviv, Avaya Israel marketing manager. Avaya are a business partner of IBM Israel and also showcasing their solutions at IBM Forum Israel, which is IBM Demonstration and Conferencing Center. I forgot to mention that at IBM, I manage IBM Forum Israel… hence the picture…

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