Live from STKI.Info

It’s the Annual STKI.Info Summit today, at Avanue, Airport City, and IBM is the main attraction of the event. The lectures are interesting, covering all aspects of the IT industry, but IBM’s booth at the ground floor is drawing a crowd. Why you ask? PS/3 of course, that’s why.
IBM is showcasing, 1st in Israel to the open public, the PS/3 game console, which includes the Cell processor, IBM’s revised POWER chip. The 4 PS/3 consoles are working non-stop – playing, playing and playing some more.

The summit is 3 hours from over, so if you want a chance to explore PS/3 – now is the time.

Another aspect of IBM’s Innovation is also showing – Second Life. IBM is investing heavily in Second Life, as part of its effort to explore Virtual Worlds and 3D internet. The SL demo is taking visitors on a guided tour inside IBM’s islands in SL, and also showing some videos prepared in advance of major IBM activities in SL, such as Lotusphere 07, the Australian Open, Circuit City store and more. Stop by the IBM booth, located in the middle of the floor, for the full 411.

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