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33% are IM-ing in secret… WHY?!

Read an interesting article recently, that was published late July in The Wall Street Journal, entitled Instant Messaging Invades the Office. The author, Carola Mamberto provides her insights on how instant messaging is entering the corporate world, backing it up with real life examples. She mentions in the article that roughly one of every 3 people (33%) of US employees are using instant messaging at work (which is good, provided it’s a secured enterprise solution), although many without the employer’s knowledge (2006 survey). On top of that, many employers are reluctant to endorse IM, fearing security breaches.

Hello?! reluctant? IBM has been using Lotus Sametime for almost a decade now, with 335,000 users worldwide, 4,000,000 unique chats per day while saving some costs. Not to mention the increase in employees’ productivity! IBM Lotus Sametime, now in version 7.5.1 has over 16 million corporate users, with 27 of Fortune 50 companies as customers. I think the Fortune 50 companies have very strict security restrictions, and Lotus Sametime gave the answer.

Even Gartner has concluded that instant messaging will be “de-facto tool for voice, video and text chat” in 5 years. What are businesses waiting for? to be the last company in the industry to adopt instant messaging solution?

Instant messaging is much more than the buddy list – it’s a platform for unified communications and collaboration (UC2), enabling for text, voice and video.
IBM Lotus Sametime gives you just that.

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