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No more belgian waffle! starting tomorrow…

Landed in Brussels, Belgium at noon, after an early 5 hour flight from Tel Aviv.
As I’m traveling light, only my trolley and laptop bag, I arrived at 05:30 to the airport, 2 hours ahead of time. Unfortunately, Ben Gurion Airport was packed with people (doing some construction work), with lines for security and check-in. The security went swiftly, but then I saw the line for check-in – not what I expected for 6am. Then, at the corner of my eye I saw a couple of self service El-Al booths. This IBM kiosk (I was too tired to snap a picture, but it’s Big Blue’s solution) provides easy and quick check-in, based on your Passport number, Frequent Flyer card or Credit Card. Super! Swiped my passport, and 3 min later I was on my way to passport control, duty free shops (bought new in-ear JVC earphones) and finally – the lounge.
During the 5 hour flight I saw the first 4 episodes of David Duchovny’s new TV show, Californication (Showtime).

I have to say it was the best 2.5 hours I ever spent aboard any flight! There were times I tried very hard not to laugh so hard… hilarious. Recommended.

Brussels welcomed us with a cold breeze.. quite the contrary of what I’m used to from sunny Tel Aviv. 11C, gray skies and some rain (showers is the professional word) welcomed us upon arrival. We had some time to burn, and in an effort to keep warm we decided to try out some Belgian Waffle (see picture above). In Israel I usually avoid this much sugar, cholesterol and chocolate combined together, but, “when in Belgium… “. So, I took the waffle, with cream and chocolate of course. I ate about half of it, tons of sugar (it was big, and I’m sweet enough.. ;-), and then the only logical step was heading back to the bed at the hotel for siesta. My dinner included only soup (again, solutions for keeping warm). OK, and beer as well…

So, a new resolution – no more Belgian Waffle! At least not today..

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