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Vacation photoblog

Chag Sameach!

It’s been 10 days since I got back from my short birthday vacation, and unfortunately it’s a distant memory. Within 24 hours of returning to Israel, I flew to Madrid, Spain, for a Lotus sales workshop, hooking up with some old (LCTY Israel) and new (IBM South-West Europe) friends.

On the flight back to Israel Thursday night, I realized I didn’t write about my vacation. Relax – I’m not gonna share with you what we did every hour, but some taglined photos would be a nice touch. If someone ever wanted to vacation in Turkey and needs a recommendation. Once I read Jeremiah’s photoblog from his much anticipated vacation to Hawaii – the format was clearer.

Antedon Delux from the air – PR photo, not mine

We knew Turkey (Antalya) is a good spot for this short vacation, as it’s cheaper than going to Eilat (Israel), closer (1.5 hours flight) and you can buy stuff at the Duty Free… 🙂 For $900 we had an excellent vacation for 2 in Antedon Delux Beldibi, all included: flight, transport, food around the clock, soft drinks, alcohol and fitness center. The hotel is not the cheapest one you can find, but those extra $$ assured us we’ll be the only Israelis there. And that’s an important factor (for us at least).

very peaceful and quiet – lots of green

Although formally we had 3 nights, the bottom line was 2 full days – blame it on the charter flights.. arrived late and left early. If you’re planning a similar vacation, go for the 4/5 nights package – more ‘actual’ vacation time.

surrounded by mountains – hiking anyone?

Antedon Delux Beldibi – from hotel to the (private) beach

There are couple of more photos at facebook.

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