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PixelPipe – Send & Share to 110 Social Networks

One of the applications that were officially introduced to the Symbian platform during Nokia World 2010 is PixelPipe, a content distribution gateway that allows users to publish text, photo, video and audio files once through various ‘Pipes‘, across over 100 social networks, including twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube,, twitpic, yfrog, dropbox, Google Buzz, Google Docs, and many-many more.

PixelPipe logoI first heard of PixelPipe at the #NokiaMeet gathering organized by Micky Fin at 1000Heads HQ in London. The next day, between the keynote lectures, business sessions, round table sessions and interview, I got a chance to chat with PixelPipe stuff at their booth (embedded video – RSS readers click here).

The feature I love about PixelPipe is the facebook Pipe of course – using the E72 I still haven’t found the application that allows me to share pictures to my wall. True, I often use the #fb hashtag in my twitpic uploads, but it shows the link, not the picture itself. So PixelPipe just became one of my favorite apps! You can download it from Ovi Store, free of course.

Twitter grew 1,444% in a year

If someone here needed another proof to the change twitter has made, Nielsen released its Social Media QuickTake for May 2009, showing an amazing 1,444% growth in visitors – from 1.2m in May 2008 to 18.2m in May 2009. Wow! Time spent on per person (not factoring the twitter apps I imagine) has also risen – from 6min in May 2008 to 17min a year later (+175%). Both are amazing figures, showcasing the revolution twitter has made in 2008/9 – starting with The US Presidential Election, the Earthquakes in China and the Elections in Iran.

The question now is ‘what’s next’, for twitter, facebook and others, as they reach super-mass adoption, and would (obviously) prefer to avoid ‘the myspace phenomenon‘. Nielsen already noticed that the ‘month-over-month’ rate is very minor: +7% in # of users and -1% in time spent – which in social networking terms is bad. That halt in growth has to do in part to the business model, or lack of it.

Twitter is a lot of things, and I salute the guys for providing the platform and building an impressive ecosystem, but at some point in time someone at Twitter HQ will need to step up and present what they plan for twitter in 2010.

Social networks, meet virtual worlds

If you’re following my twitter it’s easy to understand why my blogging activity during the week is kinda slow – I’m out of the office most of the week, visiting customers, talking to business partners and speaking to analysts – not to mention the KM and Collaboration Event we’re throwing on Sep. 8th !!!
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My interest with virtual worlds began some 2 years ago, when I read about IBM’s activities in Second Life. Since then I spoke about those initiatives and held some public and internal workshops, trying to explain why IBM care about SL in particular and virtual worlds in general. Since taking Lotus Software sales under my arms I decided to focus on Lotus (big surprise), but still read and subscribe to some VR colleagues, local and international.

Coming Thursday (July 31st) I’ll be at the DiGRA Israel Summer Forum, ‘Where Games and Real Life Meet‘. My friend Dr. Hanan Gazit asked me to participate in a panel called ‘When Videogames, Social Networks and Virtual Worlds Merge‘, alongside Mr. Asi Burak, Mr. Guy Ben-Dov and Attorny Jonathan Klinger.

If you have Thursday evening off, and want to hear about the future of social networks, join us at Holon Institue of Technology. And don’t be a stranger, come and say ‘hi’.. 🙂

DiGRA Israel Summer Forum (En)
DiGRA Israel Summer Forum (He)
Holon Institute of Technology

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