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A good working environment

My home is not close to the beach. As a matter of fact I was never a sea person – prefer the pool, with the sweat water, no sand, much more.. But this morning I had the opportunity to look at the sea in one of the more welcoming offices I ever visited. The customer’s offices (very luxurious, 2 floors, with vast spaces – 10 people in all) are located on the very edge of the sea front, in Herzelia, 20min north of Tel Aviv. The meeting room has a very large, and clear, window, with one of the best views you can find. How can you get any work done with such a view?! Don’t let the low lighting fool you – it was a regular Israeli day, sunny, about 28C. Perfect for lying down at the beach (on a small chair, not literally on the sand), beer in one hand, good book in the other. Enjoy…

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