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Thank you, Rashid

Finally, after months of trying to troubleshoot my blog and making it ‘live’ again, I turned to the professionals of to help me out. Rashid was my contractor, a savvy web developer, who completed the work in a few hours, and was most responsive despite the time differences.

The result is just what I wanted: – An archive of my writings dating from January 2007 until December 2011, first on and later on It’s exciting to read some of them again, remembering the good and the bad. – My current writings, also dubbed ‘Random shares of awesomeness’ on Tumblr, where I share stuff I read online, articles via Flipboard, photos from Instagram, my opinions and more. The RSS is here.

So that’s it folks – is now complete again.

Thanks for the love and patience, looking forward to a fruitful discussion!

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