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Mobile-less – courtesy of US Embassy

Like any other, I like to keep my options open – so, when I saw my US visa is about to expire in couple of months, I started the (long, yet organized) process of renewing it.
In the past (10 years ago) you didn’t even have to attend in person… your travel agency could do it for you. No more. Post 9/11, every Visa is carefully monitored, especially if you’re coming from the middle east.
I’ll start by saying that the entire process is well organized. At least of you’re not afraid of technology. You just go to the US Visa Application site, and all forms are available there, online. After paying $12 for a user name, you can choose the date/time you wish to come, then fill out the required forms, take 2 5×5 photos (on white background), pay an additional $100 fee and you’re all set. Just come to the US Embassy on time. I’m not sure what people without internet connection are doing, or people with certain web-phobia, but I guess there’s a solution for them as well. Why the long intro?
Because the Embassy has some very strict security rules, one of them is that you can’t enter the Embassy with electronic devices. Any device – cellphone, mp3 player, laptop, camera, nothing. you leave everything at the entrance, and collect it when you’re done.
So – I had the luxury of being 3 hours without my cellphone. At first, it was a bit awkward – there was a very long line, couple of them actually, and I automatically reached for my pants to get the phone out – send sms, surf wap, play some games, check my meetings for the afternoon, etc – but there was nothing there.. 🙁 After a while, I learned it’s not that bad. I communicated, verbally, with my girlfriend, face-to-face, instead of sms-ing all day.. I could just smile at her, without giving her a 🙂 face on the text message.. analog communication… wow.. it’s still working.
You should try it sometime – leave your phone at home (by ‘accident’), turn it off – start small, like 2-3 hours. You’ll come to see it’s not the end of the world, and not much has happened while you were mobile-less.. If anything, you gained some quality time with your important someone…

BTW – in case you’re wondering, my Visa was approved, after 2.5 hours of waiting in line, 4 minute documentation verification, 2 minute fingerprint session and 4 minute interview with a member of the US Embassy. Now my options are open, again.

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