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Utilize your ‘assets’ to the max

Just back from a short vacation to the north.
I had a birthday recently and decided to take some time off with my girl and go up north (near Tzefat) for 3 days for some r&r.
Since I was on vacation, I left my laptop at home, for some r&r of its own, although I’m sure I could find a free wi-fi spot if I searched…
I always have a camera with me, either on my cellphone (Nokia 6233 – 2MP) or my Sony DSC-P73 (4.1MP – 3 years old..). I often find the Nokia camera more available, since I usually have it on me, and taking a picture is a 4sec thing, nothing more.
Why this long intro? and what’s the connection to the title? be patient, it’s coming.
I like good food, especially meat (what can I say ;-), and I eat about once a week outside, with friends usually. There are excellent places in Israel, but most of them are gathered in and around Tel Aviv. If I go up north (way north, near the border with Lebanon) I search the web for the good places in the north.

I went to eat dinner at Doris Butchers, a specialized restaurant for meat. Only meat.
It’s hard to differentiate yourself in the restaurant business, and the life span of most places isn’t something you can brag about, but Doris Butchers have made it. They have only 2 branches in Israel, and oddly enough, the 1st one was established up north, in Rosh Pina, some 3 years ago, and the 2nd one in Tel Aviv, 6 months ago.
In each location, there’s a large window at the entrance, with the ‘merchandise’ – the meat (look below).

There’s no mistaking where you are – if you don’t like meat, that’s not the place for you. And I’m not talking about Burgers/Hotdogs – I’m talking 1/2kg minimum, average serving size is 1kg ! That’s a lot. Good (1st) example of how you can take advantage of your current assets, in this case – the meat!
The 2nd example of utilizing your assets I saw on the road, on the way back. There aren’t many 18 wheelers in and around Tel Aviv, so I didn’t see it before, but this is superb! I took my phone and snapped a picture, right away..

The truck belongs to Neviot, one of the water companies in Israel (like Evian), and they sell water in several ways: bottles of 500ml/1.5L or 20L for home/office use. They started a new line recently, for smaller offices, 10L bottle, and on top of the usual marketing tactics and media, they found a way to use their marketing pipelines – the trucks.
For those who can’t understand Hebrew:
On the back of the truck, an 18 wheeler truck, there’s a sign saying: “small, but ahead of you”, and a number for reservations. Simple and smart.
An excellent example of using an asset you have, and creating a different ad, with a hint of humor.

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