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Lotus Sametime Mobile

A very nice video from Philippe Poupeleer of Lotus Business Partner EASI, on using Lotus Sametime mobile.

I’m currently dealing with configuration bugs in order to make my N95 work with Lotus Sametime Mobile.. Since there must be a secure connection to IBM network, I downloaded Lotus Mobility Client to tunnel my way into the firewall. But, the N95 came a bit short on that task – apparently, there’s no EAP-LEAP plugin available at the Wi-Fi wizard, a plugin that exists on the Nokia E series, such as the E61. Strange.. I wrote to Nokia support and some colleagues in the US in hope of getting an answer – it’s a plugin, so there must be a way to install it, no?
Anyhow, if somewhere out there found a solution, I’d appreciate the comment.. 😉

Final note about Lotusphere, which starts tomorrow – unfortunately, not gonna make it this time around. I looked forward to this awesome event, but have other obligations this week. The job of following Lotusphere from afar is evry easy – head over to, type your name and follow the action as it unfolds (thanks to Carl Tyler and Chris Miller). I’ll do my best to follow the announcements and sessions online, and update here asap. Live blogging will surely take place, so watch out for some Lotus blogs out there, as well as the event website itself: . In the trend of collaboration, you can also subscribe to the lotusphere twitter page. Enjoy !

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