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Social networking

Finally, a post about social networking.
After countless posts, comments and articles about social networking, I decided it was time to write something of my own. We’ll start with a definition of a social network service: A social network service focuses on the building and verifying of online social networks for communities of people who share interests and activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others, and which necessitates the use of software [Wikipedia].
Also, Although social networking is possible in person, especially in schools or in the workplace, it is most popular online. This is because unlike most high schools, colleges, or workplaces, the internet is filled with millions of individuals who are looking to meet other internet users and develop friendships and business relationships, too [].

I’m won’t try explaining what social network is, and if I started it would take much more time than I initially allocated for this post. Social networking has many applications today, in both personal and business life. Opposed to what Knowledge@Wharton think, I think social networking are merely a phase to something much more bigger. The innovation life cycle is shortening, and I’m quite sure we’ll be seeing the next big thing pretty soon.

If you still haven’t figured out what social networking is all about, I suggest you watch this video from The Daily Show. The Rolling Stones Magazine recently interviewed John Stewart – apparently The Daily Show, and Stewart, are the most trusted name in news these days.
Which makes this hilarious video kind of a must-see TV:

Lastly, a detailed list of known social networking websites, for your pleasure.

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