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US Presidential race begins – on the web!

Conventional media should start to fear. If they haven’t already started to fear, they should now.
Whether or not you think this web 2.0 is a bubble or not, the recent announcements from 2 of the democratic candidates, are a sign or the future. The future of coverage of major events in a country’s history.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have opted for the web to announce their plans for the up-coming presidential race. Hillary said in her blog “I’m IN”, and started her race.
Barack said on his website about his recent decision to form a Presidential Exploratory Committee. Interesting choice of media, for both. Why over the web and not a press conference? Starting the buzz from the bottom up perhaps? only time will tell…
Both senators have a large presence on the web, with Hillary in the lead: Barack Obama for President will give you just over 2 million and Hillary’s query will give you just under 5 million results.

The race is going to be interesting. The web allows both candidates to decide what they want to talk about, and are less dependent of traditional media like TV for coverage, but it opens up a lot of opportunities to undermine the campaign. In Hillary’s query, notice the 4th result – I will not support Hillary for President. Makes you think how Google’s algorithm is working…

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