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IBM Purim Party

We have a triple reason for partying this week:
1. Purim is here.. on Friday the 21st
2. LCTY Israel is here… Thursday the 20th
3. St. Patrick’s Day is here.. TODAY

IBM Israel was kind enough to throw a hugh party last night, at Tel Aviv Old Harbor, for IBMers and their spouses.. My spouse had a trip from work, so I was ‘forced’ to take Alan Lepofsky. I also invited a friend from college, so we’ll have beauty in our community… 😉
The party started off with great food and beer, as the DJ was responsible for making the noise – and it was superb !! There was also a live orchestra, playing with the music, with made it much more cool… and I met two good friends, who used to work for IBM, so it really was a great party..
Since it was a Purim party, I decided to put my best custom on – as you can see in the picture..

Here’s a video from the party (mind the loud noise):

This party was a great opening to the week, and LCTY Israel on Thu will close it just right.
We’re already at +100 participants, and seating is (very) limited. Register today!

Bloggers/Laptop owners: ask for your free Wi-Fi access at the registration desk Thursday morning.

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