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What the F**K is Social Media. 1 Year Later.

Mornings are an excellent time to read, write and share. Shortly after the morning coffee and toast I head over to my GReader and start browsing the feeds, in a pre-defined order.
Ahuvah Berger recently joined the Blonde 2.0 team, which means we get to enjoy her super writing skills at least once a week (hopefully more dear.. ;-). After her last week’s post on Engaging the Masses comes this post, continuing where she left off, and linking to a wonderful deck at slideshare by Marta Kagan, What the F**K is Social Media. One Year After. In a long (83p) yet light presentation Marta goes over the basics of SM, adding some cool pictures and stats to back her points and strengthening her bottomline (p 53):

Slide 44 onwards highlights some business insights that are relevant to any company, like ‘93% of social media users believe a company should have a presence in social media’ and ‘85% of social media users believe that a company should go further than just having a presence and actually interact with its customers’. Innovative approaches, I know..

The entire deck is hilarious (although the language might not appeal to everyone) and the 83 slides are going fast, but all convey an important message, and I only hope that a fraction of the 128,000 views this deck received were made by corporations and business executives and not just by us marketers – we’re already advocating this F**King thing too.. 😉
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Back on the market

Today was my last day at Isracard.

After a short tenure at the leading credit card company in Israel, I came to realize there is a gap in expectations, that cannot be bridged at this time. Some might ponder as to ‘why/what/how/are you crazy?!’, but as I learned during my professional career and my personal life alike – talking is the ultimate communication medium, and there’s no point keeping things inside, waiting for them to pass.

I would like to thank Isracard and the wonderful people I met at the advertising department – an awesome bunch of savvy individuals doing a great job that have hugged me from day 1, welcomed me with open arms (and plenty of candy.. 😉 and were supportive from the start. Thank you.

So, I’m back on the market, looking to do amazing online and digital marketing things. You already know how to reach me… 🙂

Mobile & Media Consultant. I help startup companies launch products to the consumer market. Reach out: dvir.reznik [at]



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