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Free your desktop

IBM’s participation at LinuxWorld last week marked its 10th appearance, and we certainly made an impression, with some major announcements, including this one, which ZDnet dubbed ‘IBM, Ubuntu, Novell and Red Hat Gang Up on Vista‘.

The slow adoption of Vista among businesses and budget-conscious CIOs, coupled with the proven success of a new type of Microsoft-free PC in every region, provides an extraordinary window of opportunity for Linux. We’ll work to unlock the desktop to save our customers money and give freedom of choice by offering this industry-leading solution [Kevin Cavanaugh, vice president for IBM’s Lotus Software].

In plain English (and Hebrew to our customers), IBM will offer Windows-free PCs, coupled with Linux as the OS and Lotus Notes and Lotus Symphony as the pre-installed messaging and office productivity suite platforms. Nice 🙂

As Larry Dignan is saying at ZDnet, Microsoft market share won’t decrease significantly, but the move itself, and the ‘teaming’ with open source vendors (Red Hat, Ubuntu and Novell), will be interesting to follow.

Couple of videos for you to watch:
Lotus Notes 8.0 on Linux
Review by Ron Sebastian – IBM Lotus Symphony
Tired of feeding the machine?
Clean your desktop

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Introducing a revolutionary software platform

The official press release is here.

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