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IBM’s Commitment to Lotus Notes/Domino

My friend Alan Lepofsky, who’ll be keynoting our Lotus Collaboration Event on March 20th, wrote an excellent post on ‘The Cure for Fear of Commitment‘. Ed Brill also mentioned Alan’s post. Alan posted this in response to a customer’s CIO asking how committed IBM/Lotus is to Notes/Domino family. Instead of sending an email, he posted his thoughts and hard proof on his blog, for all to see and use. Highlights from Alan’s post:

At Lotusphere 2008, IBM announced:



  • Calendar enhancements including better iCal support and Group calendaring.
  • The future Domino Designer running in Eclipse. This will provide developers the modern UI they have been asking for, a ton of new features, including the new XPages design element.
  • A new “Web 2.0” makeover for Domino HTTP applications.
  • For the Domino server, simplifying Notes Identity management and authentication, options to replace Domino Directory with alternative LDAP directories, optimize and reduce attachment storage, further reduce I/O bandwidth, improved quality of service with the Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT), and Dynamic Group Policies.

* All future plans are subject to change!

Head over to Alan’s blog to read the full post.

Alan – see you in Israel next week 🙂

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