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Barcelona and Verona

Flying out to Europe tomorrow, quick business travel, until Friday.
I’ll be at Barcelona Tuesday afternoon through Thu morning, and in Venice Thu evening.
If anyone wants to meet up for some drinks and conversation, post a comment here, @dvirreznik or email dvirreznik at Since it’s a business travel, and I’m not alone, will do my best to accommodate the requests.
Adios 🙂

IBM Purim Party

We have a triple reason for partying this week:
1. Purim is here.. on Friday the 21st
2. LCTY Israel is here… Thursday the 20th
3. St. Patrick’s Day is here.. TODAY

IBM Israel was kind enough to throw a hugh party last night, at Tel Aviv Old Harbor, for IBMers and their spouses.. My spouse had a trip from work, so I was ‘forced’ to take Alan Lepofsky. I also invited a friend from college, so we’ll have beauty in our community… 😉
The party started off with great food and beer, as the DJ was responsible for making the noise – and it was superb !! There was also a live orchestra, playing with the music, with made it much more cool… and I met two good friends, who used to work for IBM, so it really was a great party..
Since it was a Purim party, I decided to put my best custom on – as you can see in the picture..

Here’s a video from the party (mind the loud noise):

This party was a great opening to the week, and LCTY Israel on Thu will close it just right.
We’re already at +100 participants, and seating is (very) limited. Register today!

Bloggers/Laptop owners: ask for your free Wi-Fi access at the registration desk Thursday morning.

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