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Drive2Live wrap-up – driving course with Maslulim and Alfa Romeo

‘Can you put a price on your life?’ was the first question Gidi, our driving instructor asked, when we sat for the 1st half of our Drive2Live driving course last Friday. So, can you put a price on your life?
Obviously the answer is no – ‘there’s no price tag, life is priceless’, was the answer everyone gave.

Gidi continued: ‘So, in a quick show of hands, how many of you would have paid $100 for this course, had it not been sponsored this morning by us and Alfa Romeo?’ You can imagine how many hands were raised.

With that in mind, we kicked off a 4 hour driving course. This was not my first driving course – couple of years back, when I rode a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R, I took an advanced driving course, a 2-day session in a closed circuit and open roads. Drive2Live added to what I already knew (or thought I did), especially concerning my driving habits, and broke some strong convictions I had about cars – like breaking distance, seating position, eye contact and most important – awareness. During the theoretical portion of the 4 hour course, we broke some mis-conceptions about driving, watched live footage of car accidents and learned how each of us can make a change.

Drive2Live was organized by Noam Sigal and myself, sponsored by Maslulim which provided the course and staff and Alfa Romeo Israel which provided 3 test cars – MiTo 1.4 Turbo, 159 2.2 JTS and 159 3.2 Q4 JTS. 12 prominent bloggers were invited to participate in the event and raise awareness to the importance of driving skills acquired at Maslulim. Responses to the course were amazing, for the Alfa part obviously, but more for the education part – some bloggers even decided to do the last exercise, controlled spin while braking on a wet surface, with their private cars.

A facebook event was created for the benefit of sharing all the content we created – pictures, videos, blog posts, responses and more. Feel free to browse through the material and RSVP – we’re planning on holding similar events in the future, that will raise awareness to road safety and the human factor.

Thank you for participating, see you next time !

Drive2Live with Alfa Romeo and Maslulim

It’s coming up, 6 days and counting.
When most people will be celebrating Christmas, I will join 11 other bloggers from Israel, to a first of a kind ‘Advanced Driving Course for Bloggers‘ – a joint initiative of Noam Sigal and myself.

The idea to this first automotive social media activity in Israel came to mind after the successful cooperation with the Alfa Romeo folks here in Israel, that resulted in 2 test drives – MiTo and 159. I’ve received lots of props for making this happen, and thought why not bring more people into the action, and making it around an important cause, like fighting road fatalities.

[Graph: number of people killed on the road, 1994-2006. Source: Wikipedia]

During its 61 years, Israel has lost 30,467 people in fatal road accidents. That’s more than the number of people that died during all of Israel’s wars. In 2006 the Israeli Government decided that the number of people killed on the road will decrease by 6% each year – for 2009 the top barrier is 375 (as of Dec. 17th we’re at 335).

To organize this life saving activity, Noam and I teamed up with Maslulim, a non-profit advanced driving school led by Reem Samuel, and Alfa Romeo Israel, and invited 10 prominent bloggers to attend ‘Round 1’ of the course and spread the word to their readers and followers. The goal of this activity is double:

  • Improve the driving skills of Israeli drivers (bloggers included of course)
  • Raise awareness to Maslulim courses, which are open to everyone at a symbolic fee, and proved to reduce the risk of being involved in a car accident.

Our drivers will undergo a 3.5 hours course, that will educate them on car safety, handling, driving positions, emergency breaking, avoiding obstacles and more. The practical portion of the course will be done with Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 Turbo and Alfa Romeo 159 2.2 JTS.
So, allow me to introduce our drivers:
Tally Netzer
Gal Granov
Ram Bracha
Alon Schwarts
Olivier Amar
Yaki Beja
Ilil Ben Shalom
Maya Shoval
Shira Abel
Dvir Reznik

The course will take place coming Friday, the 25th, at Maslulim training ground in Rosh Ha’yain. You’re welcome to follow our drivers as they share posts, pictures and videos, and hashtag drive2live on twitter.

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