Ed Brill, Director

Much has happened in the past week, during my army tour.
I’ve been playing catch-up with my 2nd inbox most of the day, trying to keep up with the feeds, when suddenly I see Ed Brill‘s post, I have a new job! Wow!

If you’re in the Lotus business, you must know Ed Brill, Worldwide Business Unit Executive for Lotus Notes/Domino, until 2 days ago. Ed has been leading the Lotus Notes/Domino sales efforts for the past 4 years, the 1st IBMer in this capacity. Needless to say he’s been doing an extraordinary work.

Ed, thank you for being a friend and a colleague, and knowing when to make the distinction.

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  1. 1 Ed Brill October 4, 2008 at 22:48

    Dvir, toda rabah for this very nice tribute. I think the amazing thing about IBM and what keeps me going are people like you, who know how to do the right thing for your job but also build respect and solid working relationships. That there is fun and friendship helps a lot, too.

    I will definitely be thinking about a return trip to LCTY in Israel for 2009.

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