Staying ahead of the pack

Selling for Lotus software means there are some 20-30 products under my responsibility, not to mention the numerous versions available for each product. In the software business there are always new versions in the works (beta), old versions become, well, older, and some are no longer supported. Keeping track of new versions (general availability), as well as end of market (EOM) and end of service (EOS) can be quite difficult.

Luckily, comes to the rescue, with yet another RSS feed available for the public.
In fact, is sporting a lot of web 2.0 capabilities for several years now, with RSS making its debate some 4 years ago (back in the days when I was webmaster of

IBM Software Support Lifecycle website provides an excellent view and detailed information about the availabilities of IBM software, and with the XML version there’s no need to access the site. Just pick the number of days worth of updates, type of information and your preferred RSS reader. We’ll will do the rest.

Link: IBM Software Support Lifecycle

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