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IBM announced last week 2 major releases:
The first is Lotus Symphony 1.0 – IBM’s Office replacement suite, built on OpenOffice, over Eclipse, is out of beta and into the real Software life cycle. Mazal Tov !
The second is the GA (general availability) of Lotus Foundations Start, announced in Lotusphere 08, which serves as IBM’s first Collaboration Server for small and medium businesses (SMB market).

Both announcements will have tremendous impact on our Israeli market, and would improve IBM’s position in the local SMB market, providing an alternative for 5-500 employees companies looking for a complete collaboration solution.

So, what’s Lotus Foundations Start is all about?
Running a small business is a big business, and you want to keep it simple. So, Lotus Foundations Start is basically a combination of HW and SW from IBM, with Services from our Business Partners, wrapped in one package. For more details head over to

One of top three questions I answer when visiting customers, especially in the SMB market, is ‘isn’t IBM suited for Enterprise-size only?’ And that’s a valid question, since IBM employs 380,000 people, and our brand is ‘Big Blue’… Still, our software is infrastructure, and as such, suits any business, from a 5 people family business to a mature start-up of 400. IBM Express Advantage (custom-made solutions for SMB) includes all the features and capabilities, in smaller packages, and competitive prices, that fit any budget and any IT system.

You can learn more about IBM solutions (Hardware and Software) for small and medium businesses (SMB) at our local website. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below.

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  1. 1 IdoNotes June 9, 2008 at 20:52

    We are happy to provide as much support as needed to customers as one of the first Lotus Foundations partners. We have been selling units since it was NitixBlue.

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