Breakfast with Jeff Pulver @ Tel Aviv

Went to my first Jeff Pulver’s Breakfast clubs, at Tel Aviv harbor. I met Jeff last month, lecturing at KM Summit – he was at the hotel, doing back-to-back meetings (I think it was something like 30..). The concept of these breakfasts is very cool, and Jeff really got this down to a form of art. Upon arrival you get a little welcome package, with stickers to write your name and tagline, and another blank sticker that serves as your personal ‘tag cloud’ – so people you meet can tag you.
Jeff explains it better in this video.

The most interesting thing for me was meeting couple of 12 year old kids, who came with one’s mom, to see and learn what social networking is all about. The kids are familiar with blogs (although they don’t write any), know what facebook is (but use Ning instead) – but social gatherings are not IN yet. If you think about it, that sounds strange, since the first groups are formed in pre-school and high-school, so the transition to social networks should be quite natural. That’s not the case here. The kids were quite the attraction – Jeff also spoke with them, and interviewed them, so did Kfir Pravda.

Generation Y seems so real all of a sudden…

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