Twitter away…

After 2 ‘silent’ weeks of using Twitter, I decided it’s time to write something about it (much like Ed did). I started with Twitter couple of days before LCTY Israel, after hanging out with Alan for couple of days and seeing how easy it is to update your Facebook/Twitter status on mobile. Blackberrys aren’t that common in Israel, but cellphones are – did you know there are more cellphones devices in Israel than the number of people (population)? Yes, it’s true..

At first I updating my status using text messaging (SMS), until I searched IBM tagged pages (pages other IBMers tagged, using Dogear) and found a super cool extension for Lotus Notes 8.0TwitNotes. This super cool extension allows me to update my Twitter/Facebook status, directly from Lotus Notes sidebar. Nice… You can install TwitNotes on your own client here.

I met with some friends the other day and we started talking about this constant updating issue, people twittering all the time, making it easy for ‘big brother’ to follow… One of my friends holds the extreme opinion of blocking anything (even his iPhone BT is set to ‘Hidden’), while I’m more flexible – share more or less, depending on the situation and and body temparture. ‘Resistance is futile‘ I always tell him, but he comes from a strong background of IT Security and Networks, so it’s a dead-end discussion most of the times.

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