Metaverse and KM Summit

There are 2 exciting events this week, which involve my passion and my hobby: Israel’s 6th Annual Knowledge Management Summit (Thu, March 6th, Hilton Tel Aviv) and Serious Games Symposium at Holon Institute of Technology (Wed., March 5th).

The KM Summit will focus this year on the place of knowledge management technologies in business processes and core applications, and how such technologies can be implemented at the business. My 30min on stage will cover the evolution of social software (Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn and others) and how businesses all sizes can implement such collaborative tools within the business – with Lotus Connections. The KM summit is well-known in Israel, and it’s a good opportunity to showcase Lotus solutions in that arena. Registration is still open.

The SGS event is creating a lot of buzz here, and the event will be broadcasted LIVE in Secondlife, so if you’re unable to attend in person, you’ll have a chance to catch up all the action.
I’m gonna speak on the business aspect of virtual worlds, and what’s IBM is doing there. It’s much like the presentation I gave earlier this year at IDC Herzeliya, but more focused on IBM, Academy and Research.

See you in person, or in world… 🙂

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