IM-ing and virtual worlds

What the future holds for virtual worlds? will Second Life continue to reign the scene in 2008 or will other environments be introduced? maybe or Active Worlds? what business applications will flourish? and what do we want VW to do for us?
Many questions, not as many answers. Roo Reynolds and Ian Hughes have tried to answer these and other questions about virtual worlds in a recent podcast to Voices in Business blog.

One of Bob Sutor’s challenges for virtual worlds in 2008 is to allow instant messaging (IM) between virtual worlds.

Work to allow instant messaging between virtual worlds. I am “Nigel Paravane” in Second Life and I’m happy to provide that information on or Facebook, for example, so that messages can be routed to me when I am in or out of that world.

I couldn’t agree more. As virtual worlds take center stage in 2008, the integration to real world will be crucial for survival. The opportunity is in that connections. One of the presentations at Unified Communication session at Lotusphere was given by Konrad Lagarde, Lotus Sametime development manager. Konrad showed some beta features currently being tested, that ‘may or may not be included in the future’.

Lagarde then showed his avatar running to a meeting in a virtual world. Once there, he uses a passcode to take control of the conferencing features in the room before putting up a slide show on a screen. The virtual room also was equipped with softphone voice communications and a whiteboard.

Already Lotus Sametime provides multiple services, other than the basic text chatting: integration with VoIP, integration with video conferencing systems, ability to add plugins (Eclipse based), chat outside the firewall (Sametime Gateway) and much more. Connection to Second Life is underway, and it won’t be long before you’ll be invited to a Sametime meeting, at a virtual place, with avatars representing the participants.

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