Getting Into Social Software

The Lotus Connections guys have published an interesting article over at, titled ‘Getting Into Social Software… Take the experience of IBM‘. The piece explains how Lotus Connections services (Profiles, Blogs, Communities, Activities and Dogear) are used internally at IBM, thus making IBMers’ life easier and helping us be more productive and collaborative.

For instance, my good friend Luis Suarez, tells about his blogging experience, and how it helped him extend his network (that’s how I met Luis, through his blog):
“I have been in the company for 10 years,” says Suarez. “In the almost four years I’ve been using blogs I’ve gotten to know two to three times the number of people I knew in the six years when I wasn’t blogging, even though I’ve gone from working in the office surrounded by colleagues to working at home in the middle of nowhere.”

IBM also announced this week of a new asset available for Lotus ConnectionsAtlas. Atlas adds visualization tools to social networks at works, thus allowing for a more convenient way of representing your community.

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