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New year, new start

Saturday marks the start of the 5770 Jewish Year, Rosh Hashana.
During the last 12 months I left IBM, proposed to my girlfriend, did a short term at Isracard and had 1,000 new followers to my twitter account, among other things… 😉

It has been a great year, filled with tough decisions, happy moments, cool events, meeting awesome people and more, much more.

Next Tuesday, Sep 22nd, I’ll start my new job as VP Sales and Marketing, at a SW company called IntLock, developers of CardioLog – the leading reporting and usage solution for Sharepoint portals. I’m very excited to kick off the new year at a new place, with a talented group of professionals and I can’t wait to start!

For new beginnings – Shana Tova to all  :-))

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Dexter – a Killer Rosh Hashana

There are several highlights to my week, one of them has to be watching Dexter.
If you are not familiar with Michael C. Hall‘s incredible performance as a CSI/Killer dude (day/night) – you should be ashamed of yourselves. What are you doing online?!

Efrat was kind enough to send me this hilarious clip, of what Dexter‘s ‘morning routine‘ would be like, if he was a Jew, at Rosh Hashana. Enjoy!

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