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Tech tip: where are my emoticons?

Got asked this yesterday by a colleague and it got me curious – where does Lotus Notes saves my 150+ smileys I use frequently in my instant messages? After a quick search, and a 5min chat with a colleague across the pond (another IM ROI), I found the answer.

First off, it depends which interface you’re using for IM: Lotus Notes or Lotus Sametime.
Secondly, the version is also important.

Most users are probably working like me, meaning the embed IM within my Notes client (see screenshot below). So, head over to and you’ll find them! It’s also convenient for copy-paste actions, as well as import/export.

I think this post worthies an article at developerWorks.. 😉

70 million ‘new’ chatters

facebook announced today that this week, April 6th, is the week facebook chat will roll-out. This new ‘killer’ app was on the sights of many developers, analysts and bloggers, and I guess facebook developers got the same memo.
“We’ll be rolling this (facebook chat) out slowly going forward, but fairly soon you’ll notice our new Chat bar at the bottom of your browser—no installation or assembly required. From this bar you can view your list of online friends and open conversations with any or all of them. There’s no need to setup a buddy list.”
Couple of questions for the community/developers:

  • will you be able to multi-chat with several friends?
  • what advanced functionality will the chat have (screenshare, screengrab, file sharing)?
  • will the facebook chat API be available for developers (plugin for telephony for instance?)?

Now, a challenge to my Lotus colleagues in Israel and the US – add facebook chat as another community to my Lotus Sametime client or embed Lotus Notes 8.0.1 client… that would revolutionize the industry (and create some new security issues, for sure.. 😉

With additional 69 millions public IM users, I bet the guys over at Gartner are very happy now, seeing their predictions become a reality.

“You’re so Fired !”

Now, truthfully, wouldn’t you like to do what they’re doing? at least once?!
I totally see myself in a helmet, bashing old IT hardware – looks FUN !!

Seen at Adam’s.

And, while we’re at Lotus Sametime – Happy 10th Birthday !!!
Yes, IBM Lotus Sametime, the award-winning corporate instant messaging solution, with over 18 million users, is 10 years old. And what a better present than (another) award, this one from Frost & Sullivan, 2008 North American Enterprise Product of the Year.

IBM Lotus came out swinging with its Sametime unified communications and collaboration product suite,” said Melanie Turek, Frost & Sullivan. “One of the key things that makes Sametime standout from competitors is that it supports multi-vendor environments, which are the norm for most mid- and large-size organizations today.

Happy Birthday !

I’m a YellowBleeder, are you?

Now there’s another method to reach me, other than email/IM/Connections/Blog/facebook/ST-Demo/LinkedIn/phone/mobile – YellowBleeders group. Nathan Freeman of Lotus911 (and Alan Lepofsky and Adam Gartenberg) just wrote on how you can make your Lotus Sametime client or Notes 8 embed client ‘talk’ with the social software buffs already signed-in to

You’re welcome to ping me !

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