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Feb. 12 – Safe Internet Day

Heads-up: Hebrew links coming up…

Today, Feb. 12, is the Safe Internet Day in Israel. The initiative from the Ministry of Education, along with several businesses and organizations, strives at teaching how to practice ‘safe internet’, particularly for children, who are most susceptible to the dangers of the web.
Recent technological advances have created 2 conflicting trends: 1) the internet is more accessible; 2) anonymity thrives.

Most of the people I know are contributors now, UGC providers. They blog, comment, talkback, respond, speak – everyone has something to say. You can comment in good taste or not in good taste – it depends solely on your personality. I will never talk down or insult someone on the web, no matter what he/she wrote, either on their own or as a comment.

If you know Hebrew, you’re welcome to the ‘To the Surfers’ Knowledge’ website (free translation). It’s the website of the 45-min show aired today, covering many aspects of how to practice ‘safe internet’, and what dangers lay inside the web – phishing, talkbacks (Israelies are talkbacking more than 55,000 times a day!! I had no idea), guerrilla marketing, and much more. At the Safe Internet Day website there are more links for your benefit.

I really liked this clip of Uri Gotliv, a stand-up artist hosting a late-night show in Israel. After the first episodes, some nasty comments started to surface on the show’s forum, news reviews, blogs, etc. Uri decided to fight back. Here’s the result:

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