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Pelephone goes Mobile with IBM WebSphere Portal

Always glad to post success stories and best practices, especially when there’s press involved. Pelephone Communications, one of Israel’s top 3 cellular operators, has launched its new cellular portal (for a small portion of its customers), running IBM WebSphere Portal. This is a great win for IBM Israel, and some of you are more familiar with the details. Pelephone’s 2.1 millions customers are already reaping the benefits of the upgraded portal, with a wealth of content and information, such as TV, Music Videos, Sports, Entertainment and News. C-Soft, an IBM Business Partner, was our partner for this great project, estimated at $250k.

Since the original article is in Hebrew, some highlights:
The new portal performs full adaptation of the content based on the device’s screen size and browsing capabilities. The new cellular portal consumes content from a mobile content management system, that handles the content for both of Pelephone’s networks (CDMA and EV-DO).

Ilan Alter, Mgr. of Cellular Applications, Pelephone:
The new cellular portal is a more stable and efficient platform, that allows us to introduce innovative services for our customers, in shorter development cycles.

Ofer Friedman, Pelephone Communications Account Exec, IBM:
Pelephone’s approach is to supply the customers’ needs, by creating an accessible world of content. We simply delivered the right platform to accomplish that.

Daniel Melka, Telco Executive, IBM:
IBM WebSphere Portal provides an optimal solution in terms of operating flexibility and future growth, that are required from Pelephone, in managing the wealth of information and content they provide.

Pelephone Communications
The People – Pelephone launches new cellular portal based on IBM WebSphere Portal technology
Web Portal Software from IBM –

Magic over Lotus – The Ministry of Finance

Spend couple of hours this morning at The Ministry of Finance (MOF), a veteran Lotus customer, with some 1,200 employees spread out mostly in Israel and some in locations worldwide.

Lotus was introduced to the MOF back in 1997 (!), with Lotus Notes 4.5. Since then, dozens of applications were developed, including SMS (text messages), fax server, document manager, scanner, meeting rooms reservation, car pool and many more. Particularly I liked the SMS application: open up a new email, and instead of inserting an email address in the ‘To’ field, you write ‘mobilenumber@SMS’, and Lotus Notes identify the ‘@SMS’ and changes the ‘Text’ field into SMS template. Brilliant !

The MOF is also a green business, paperless office. Their internal document management repository was developed back in 2002, and currently holds over 15GB of data – documents, spreadsheets, presentations, faxes, scanned newspapers and more. Nothing is printed, everything is saved in a Lotus Notes DB and the users can share content easily, across the network.

Brilliant usage of Lotus Notes and Domino. I was trully surprised of what they did.

While on the matter of customer successes, here’s an event worth writing down.
Mark your calendars for Monday, September 8th: KM and Collaboration User Forum, where IBM customers will present some of the work they’re doing over our Software solutions. The IT manager of MOF is already in the speakers list.

Ministry of Finance, Israel
IBM Software for a Greener World
KM and Collaboration User Forum – Monday, Sep. 8th, IBM Israel HQ

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