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Back on the market

Today was my last day at Isracard.

After a short tenure at the leading credit card company in Israel, I came to realize there is a gap in expectations, that cannot be bridged at this time. Some might ponder as to ‘why/what/how/are you crazy?!’, but as I learned during my professional career and my personal life alike – talking is the ultimate communication medium, and there’s no point keeping things inside, waiting for them to pass.

I would like to thank Isracard and the wonderful people I met at the advertising department – an awesome bunch of savvy individuals doing a great job that have hugged me from day 1, welcomed me with open arms (and plenty of candy.. 😉 and were supportive from the start. Thank you.

So, I’m back on the market, looking to do amazing online and digital marketing things. You already know how to reach me… 🙂

Meet my new employer – Isracard

After 40 something days of job searching (and beaching.. 😉 I’ll be starting my new job coming Monday, June 15 2009, at Isracard as Head of Social Media, part of the Marketing Division. I’m very excited as this position is a new one at Isracard, and as I’ll be doing the things I love and understand, at a large consumer company, internally and externally.

Isracard is Israel’s leading credit card company with some 2.5m card holders and over 100,000 clearing businesses via 3 products: Visa International, Mastercard International and Isracard. The company was founded in 1975 and employs some 1,300 people, HQ in Tel Aviv.

As my role is a new one, I’ll post a more elaborate entry about my responsibilities in couple of weeks, but basically my daily routine (as I see it) relates to every aspect of the company operations, split into 3 major routes:

  • Customers – almost every citizen in Israel (inclusing me) holds at least one Isracard card and with 2.5m customers, I’m guessing the online conversation will be interesting…
  • Clearing businesses – major aspect of any company operation is its eco-system, and in Isracard’s case those are the +100,000 businesses accepting Isracard cards, across the country.
  • Employees – the human capital is any company’s strength, and with 1,300 people (300-400 of them at various call-centers) – they are the best evangelists to Isracard’s work.

So, even before I officaily started I can see some challenges and opportunities. Not sure I’ll get Obama’s grace period, but nevertheless I intend to do my best, as always. If you have any suggestions/requests/tips for my first day at the job, leave a comment or drop me an email.
And finally, I want to thank those who helped me in those 40 something days – thank you!

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