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Being green in Prague

We stayed at an excellent hotel last week in Prague, Corinthia Towers Hotel, which like many hotels these days, has boarded the green train. Other than the usual towels procedure (put in the tub to change or leave hanging to keep), we saw this gray card on our bed:

Protect. The choice is yours. We’ll serve your room every day. Your bed linen will be changed only when this card is placed on the bed in the morning.

Being green (Dina disconnected all the power cables at home before leaving, and we disconnect some stuff during the day as well) and all, we put the card on the bed only one time – changing linen once in 3 days is more than enough. In the days we didn’t put the gray card, we got another card – green of course – saying thank you:

Protect. Your choice makes a difference. Thank you. Upon your request we did not change your bed linen. Should you choose to have your bed linen changed tomorrow, please place the gray card on the bed.

Lots of business and service providers are looking to be more green, in various ways. What I liked about the Corinthia way is that extra step towards to guests – not just giving you the choice, but also acknowledging it by saying ‘thank you’. One might ask, like CNN’s Ayesha Durgahee, are hotels doing enough or is it just a marketing thing, but for me, saying thank you, is a step in the right direction.

How green are green hotels?


It’s been a great week folks, filled with interesting stories, announcements and news, but I missed out on most of them, being away on vacation in Prague. So first off, I wish to congratulate Hillel and Racheli, Ahuvah and Ouriel for the newest additions to their families. Secondly, big THANK YOU to all of you for remembering I turned 31 last week, and wishing me Happy B’day, in various methods.

I have lots of stuff to share with you from my 6 day visit to Prague, so stay tuned. It’s also been the first time I borrowed my brother‘s Nikon D50 – which put out awesome pictures, over 400 of them. Will post later this week ‘Beginners Guide to Prague’, covering the sights we saw, places we visited and liked, places we visited and didn’t like, where we ate, relaxed and drank warm wine and anything else that I’d feel like sharing.. 😉

In the meantime, a taste from Prague:
Prague Castle (largest castle in the world) and St. Vitus Cathedral

Church of our Lady Before Tyn (at the Old Town Square)

Vacation time

Yes, vacation. Merriam Webster defines it as:
a scheduled period during which activity is suspended.

So, for the following week I’ll be vacationing in Prague, without my precious laptop. Yes, my cellphone will still be with me, but I’ll probably refrain from doing business/social related activities, such as checking emails, updating twitter, posting to facebook or reading GReader – to name a few… For 6 days I’ll do my best to disconnect.

See you all soon, and Happy Pesach!!

[Photo courtesy of Sagee]

Vacation photoblog

Chag Sameach!

It’s been 10 days since I got back from my short birthday vacation, and unfortunately it’s a distant memory. Within 24 hours of returning to Israel, I flew to Madrid, Spain, for a Lotus sales workshop, hooking up with some old (LCTY Israel) and new (IBM South-West Europe) friends.

On the flight back to Israel Thursday night, I realized I didn’t write about my vacation. Relax – I’m not gonna share with you what we did every hour, but some taglined photos would be a nice touch. If someone ever wanted to vacation in Turkey and needs a recommendation. Once I read Jeremiah’s photoblog from his much anticipated vacation to Hawaii – the format was clearer.

Antedon Delux from the air – PR photo, not mine

We knew Turkey (Antalya) is a good spot for this short vacation, as it’s cheaper than going to Eilat (Israel), closer (1.5 hours flight) and you can buy stuff at the Duty Free… 🙂 For $900 we had an excellent vacation for 2 in Antedon Delux Beldibi, all included: flight, transport, food around the clock, soft drinks, alcohol and fitness center. The hotel is not the cheapest one you can find, but those extra $$ assured us we’ll be the only Israelis there. And that’s an important factor (for us at least).

very peaceful and quiet – lots of green

Although formally we had 3 nights, the bottom line was 2 full days – blame it on the charter flights.. arrived late and left early. If you’re planning a similar vacation, go for the 4/5 nights package – more ‘actual’ vacation time.

surrounded by mountains – hiking anyone?

Antedon Delux Beldibi – from hotel to the (private) beach

There are couple of more photos at facebook.

Happy Pesach !

Spent the entire week in Madrid for a Lotus workshop for IBM South-West Europe – understanding how IBM Israel came to be at South-West Europe is a whole new discussion, that I won’t start here.

Since Pesach is upon us (Saturday), I decided to send a greeting to colleagues in Israel, wishing Happy Holidays. But, we do live in a UGC world, so why not record a Happy Holiday greeting?
Sitting at the hotel lobby, spending time until our flight back to Tel Aviv, I took the initiative.
Alex didn’t share my enthusiasm, but this is not in a democracy. After we took the video using my Nokia N95, we found that it’s in MP4 format, and needed to be converted…. 🙁 So, Alex opened a connection to his home PC, running Linux, converted the file and uploaded. Thanks Alex !

So, straight from Madrid, Spain – Chag Sameach and Happy Holidays!

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