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New: IBM Lotus Expeditor Wiki

Wikis are an excellent web 2.0 tool that allows free discussion and contribution from users. It’s also a great way to connect users with developers with product managers, as contributions are open to everyone, thus giving people direct access to the PM and PD teams.

Lotus has a very live and active community, that has been recognized for its contribution and support in recent times. Although the Lotus Wikis are in English, there are plenty of Israeli participants, reading and contributing to the community effort.

Lotus Expeditor wiki is the latest wiki to be published, with the same features and functions as all other Lotus and WebSphere Portal wikis: There’s a recent articles section, which can be syndicated, list of topics for easy navigation, learning section to help you get started with Lotus Expeditor, best practices section and links to external resources, such as product page on, IBM Redbooks, discussion forums, etc. Reading the wiki is free of course, and anonymous, but commenting and contributing requires registration with Lotus.

Link: Lotus Expeditor Wiki –

My Lotus Community links

With all the different technologies and platform out there, it’s difficult to keep track of what and where everything is located. Whenever I read something of interest, that’s worth keeping, I have this flow of browser buttons, like a a process (hey, I work for Big Blue, we invented processes) –, dogear, twitter, facebook.

Ed has talked about the importance of collaboration within the Lotus Community, not only because Lotus strategy = collaboration, but also because it’s in our DNA – we’re here to share and spread the knowledge.

In the spirit of spreading the word, I tried to assemble a list of Lotus resources I use frequently – being formal websites with business and technical documents or social sites as blogs and wikis. If you have any additions, use the comments sections. I will definitely expand this post as time (and contributions) progresses.

Lotus Software:
Lotus Forums and community
Lotus and WebSphere Portal wikis
Lotus videos on youtube
IBM Collaboration solutions
Notes/Domino Infocenter
WebSphere Portal Infocenter
Lotus Quickr Infocenter
Lotus Connections Infocenter
Lotus Forms Infocenter
Lotus RedBooks and RedPapers
Lotus Webcasts
Products documentation
WebSphere Portal Zone – developerWorks

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KM and Collaboration User Forum – Sep 8

When you start getting questions from colleagues and customers about a user forum that we publicized using facebook alone, you begin to understand the power of this new media. In our FB event page there are 61 confirmed participants and additional 40 in maybe attending status – and there’s still a month to go. Here are the official details on our KM and Collaboration User Forum – Customer Talk, set for Monday, Sep. 8th, at IBM Israel.

Many organizations are looking for easy solutions to manage (and deploy) knowledge management and sharing technologies, which also leverage existing infrastructure investments. Success stories and best practices are always needed, and our WebSphere Portal solution has some 6,000 customers worldwide. In this upcoming user forum I will speak very little. The portion I do speak will be to narrate the demo we have planned at the last slot. We are leaving the stage to our customers, that include leading local and international companies such as Bank Hapoalim, TEVA, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foriegh Affairs, Minsitry of Transportation, Amidar Housing, Standards Institutue of Israel, TARO, Meuhedet Health Company, RAD, Bank Leumi, Discount Bank, NESHER Cement, Nirlat, OPAL Future Technologies, Pelephone Communications, Israel Securities Authority and others.

Target Audience:
Social managers, knowledge management specialists, marcom, team leaders, HR people, IT staff, consultants and analysts, procurement – basically anyone who wants to share knowledge internally or externally and looking for a solution.

15:30 – Networking and (light) food
16:00 – Welcome – Dvir Reznik and Alex Balk, SWG, IBM
16:15 – Customer talk: Unified Messaging Platform for a Paperless Office – Sharon Ben Haim, CIO, Ministry of Finance
16:45 – Customer talk: The Portal as a Workspace – Gabi Shoval, CIO, Menora Insurance
17:15 – Customer talk: TBD
17:45 – Leveraging Web 2.0 solutions for sharing knowledge, the IBM Story – Dvir Reznik
18:30 – Panel and Q&A with speakers – Sharon Ben Haim, Gabi Shoval, Dvir Reznik, Alex Balk

There are several ways to register, you can choose one or many:

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