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Make an ad, go to Cannes Lions with YouTube!

YouTube along with Cannes Lions initiated this great contest that will send 2 young creative minds to Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, to be part of The Young Lions Film Competition.

Enter CannesLions channel on May 15 GMT, read the ad brief (for a charity) and upload your 60-sec ad to the channel within 48 hours (until May 17 GMT). After that you’ll have 2 weeks to spread the word and get as many views as possible. On June 1st a panel of judges will pick the 2 winners, based on overall creativity, view count, comments, ratings and overall online rating.

Oh, one last thing – you must be 28 years old or younger to enter the competition.
Once you uploaded your video, drop me a line, I’ll help spread the word around.. 😉
Young Lions
Cannes Lions at YouTube

Thanks to Guy Dayan for the heads-up.

Tel Aviv Marathon

Friday was the much anticipated Tel Aviv Marathon, returning to the city after 15 years. Over 10,000 people participated in the event at 6 different legs: full marathon, 10km (3 heats), 5km and 40km hand-bike for handicapped athletes. The 10km leg started at 07:10, which meant I had to get up at 04:45 to give my body enough time to realize ‘hey, I’m up, and we’re gonna run 10km in 2 hours’. The early wake up worked, and although I didn’t improve my PB (52:15), still managed to maintain a pace of <5:30 per KM, stopping the clock at 53:30 for the 10km.
Official results are available here.

Tw-Israel had a good presence at the marathon, with myself, Ezra Butler and Ron Shoshani doing the 10km, TLV100 reporting during the event and many more ‘cheering‘ us along the way. The marathon was also the first time I used qik to live stream video from my Nokia N95 device. More videos are available at

Excellent experience, great organization by Tel Aviv Municipality and Marathon Israel and a beautiful day for running. See you next time 🙂

Banner vs. Content

During one of the breaks at Themarker Com.Vention I caught a glimpse of this funny short video, Banner vs. Content, a spoof on the hilarious Mac vs. PC video series. It’s been a busy week and I rarely had a chance to check my GReader, so only today I realized that Banner vs. Content was part of a quadruple series, produced just for the event. One even features Dr. Yossi Vardi, trying to jump over a car, Kobe Bryant Style.. All videos have English captions, so even if you do not speak the holy language, you’ll be able to understand.. 😉
Full series available over at mizbala.

עוד סרטים וסרטונים בנושא באנר, הומור, הומוריסטי, מצחיק

It’s (same)time for High Definition

IBM and Radvision has a long-lasting partnership in the IM space, with IBM’s Lotus Sametime and Radvision’s Scopia Desktop solution. In Lotusphere 2009 a month ago, Radvision introduced a new plug-in for Lotus Sametime, which adds high definition video conferencing to Sametime environment. The following post was written by guest blogger Sagee Ben Zedeff from Radvision.

I am a big fan of desktop video conferencing, and of RADVISION’s High Definition Scopia Desktop in particular. The ability to communicate with others directly from my laptop wherever I am in High Definition (REAL High Definition @ 720p) is priceless. Add to this the fact that it supports desktop, room system and mobile handset endpoints, and you can truly video conference from anywhere with anyone.

And now Lotus Sametime users can enhance their collaboration and communication experience using Scopia Desktop in Lotusphere 2009. Among the recent exciting announcements, RADVISION unveiled a unique plug-in for Sametime, based on Scopia Desktop, which seamlessly adds high definition video conferencing to Sametime’s environment.

RADVISION’s conferencing platform, SCOPIA, has been supporting IBM’s unified communication and collaboration platform for a long time now. However, using the new Sametime plug-in, Sametime users can now enjoy multi-point HD video conferencing in their IM or web conferencing sessions easily and seamlessly.

The plug-in is simple and fully integrated into Sametime, centrally managed and deployed without any complex installation issues or licensing fees. You just click on the video icon in Lotus Sametime or Web Conferencing and you are ready to go.

In fact, Sametime users don’t need to change anything in their hardware or software. They can still use the same PC and webcam, yet enjoy the new HD services. The plug-in uses PC resources (processor power, network bandwidth) efficiently, allowing for H.264 video with highest quality, sending and receiving HD @ 720p resolution. It will even automatically detect CPU and bandwidth availability, and determine optimal parameters to guarantee the best experience for your setup.

If this sounds too good to be true, you can actually give Scopia Desktop a (free) test right now and see for yourself.

High definition video conferencing is happening everywhere, now is the time to start enjoying it on Sametime.


Sagee Ben-Zedeff is a technology researcher in the CTO’s office at RADVISION. He has been developing video technologies and video related products for the past decade. He also writes the Video Over Enterprise blog, which deals with video and video applications “with an enterprise slant”.

Mobile & Media Consultant. I help startup companies launch products to the consumer market. Reach out: dvir.reznik [at]



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