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Twitter made us $1M

Yoav from Blink caught this VentureBeat story some days ago, and wrote a subsequent post (in Hebrew) titled ‘What’s in it for me?‘. In his post, Yoav talks about the thing that’s in the heart of any discussion about social media – ROI. From VentureBeat article:

Dell says Twitter has produced $1 million in revenue over the past year and a half through sale alerts. People who sign up to follow Dell on Twitter receive messages when discounted products are available the company’s Home Outlet Store. They can click over to purchase the product or forward the information to others.

Yoav quotes Seth Godin by categorizing twitter more as a reach tool than a sales tool – a claim I totally agree with. Nevertheless, when we discuss about social media, monetization, business value – we cannot overlook the bottom line, which is money.

As a social media evangelist, I want more people and more companies on board, not because they have to but because there are results and value. Making $1M in revenues will certainly bring more people and businesses into the social media space – because they’ll see both the value and the return.

Yoav Farhi – What’s in it for me? (Hebrew)
VentureBeat – Twitter has made Dell $1M in revenues

Peugeot 308 Blog Tour

Blink IT, IBM BP, are the first web 2.0 consultant company to sport a test drive for bloggers in Israel, with the launch of Peugeot 308 Blog Tour early last week.
During a 2 week period 7 bloggers will get a chance drive the car, and post their comments on their respective blog. This hasn’t been tried before in Israel, and Champion Motors (Peugeot’s reps. in Israel) deserve some points for allowing this to happen.

This is yet another example of how small investment can raise a lot of awareness.
Blink asked local bloggers to register for the chance to test drive the car, out of whom 7 will be selected. The tour will start in Tel Aviv, go north to Haifa, then down south to Beer Sheva, finishing back at Tel Aviv. Each blogger will get the car for 1-2 days, afterwards he must post a comment on his/her blog. The post can be positive or negative – neither Blink not Champion Motors have any say in the postings.

The investment is minimal – the car is for test drive purposes anyhow, gas is on the company – so you get more awareness and exposure to an audience who’s into blogging and cars (like me.. ).

Even before the tour began there were several posts in the local blogosphere praising the concept or trashing it. The discussion was happening (good or bad) – posts, comments, pictures, GPS, videos – exactly what this Blog Tour is about. Conversation Marketing.
You can even track the location of the 308 in Israel…

The IBM Social Software story

Israel and Sagi from Blink IT held a workshop earlier this week at TheMarker Com.Vention, focused on Web 2.0 for the business, or Enterprise 2.0.

Blink IT are a Web 2.0 consulting company and IBM BP, working with customers on strategy, web 2.0 adoption, enterprise 2.0 adoption and design. They started off their workshop with some examples of web 2.0 technologies (facebook, twitter, wiki, etc), and then moved on to Enterprise 2.0 best practices – and IBM is leading the pack with several slides.

You can see a social software dashboard on slide 19 (look closely at the picture…), social networking quote from John Rooney on slide 33 and another quote by my close friend Arjan Radder on slide 34. If you want to read more on IBM’s story of Social Software adoption, head over to IBM ‘getting into’ social software case study.

The complete Blink IT presentation (Hebrew/English) is available at

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