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MashBash Tel Aviv

Mashable, the leading social media blog with over 6 million visitors per month and 171k RSS readers is coming to Israel tomorrow, June 10, and will meet various start up companies and VCs.

Blonde 2.0 (aka Ayelet Noff) will be a guest writer for Mashable during their visit, Flixwagon will film the entire visit (interviews and party) and TheMarker will publish interviews with Mashable staff and regular articles throughout the visit.

The highlight of the visit will be the party obviously, on Wed. the 11th, MashBash Tel Aviv, a 3 hour open bar event, at Tel Aviv Old Harbor, sponsored by Yedda (recently bought by AOL) and

In the words of Mashable:

What: MashBash Tel Aviv

Why: 800 Person, 3 hour Open Bar (and snacks) on the Beach in Tel Aviv, Celebrating Israel’s Booming Tech Culture

Where: Galina Beach Club (recently fully renovated), Hangar 19, Tel Aviv Port, Israel

When: Wednesday, June 11th, 19:00 – 22:00

RSVP?: You Must RSVP through EventBrite, 800 person limit

Who?: 800 people, including the startups, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, high profile CEOs and Mashable’s Adam Hirsch.

See you there 🙂

TheMarker Com.Vention Wrap-Up

I had a chance to visit TheMarker Com.Vention yesterday (Monday), for the 2nd day of their annual Internet Conference. Day 1 focused on the international internet arena and global businesses, whereas day 2 focused on local advertising. I was at the IBM booth on day 2, talking to the participants about IBM collaboration solutions, although it wasn’t really the right audience. My colleague, Alex, attended day 1, and he did most of the selling work.

Since I didn’t attend day 1, I decided to refer you to some posts of peers who did attend. Heads-up: some are in Hebrew.
Niv Calderon
Orly Yakuel
Idan Carmeli
Lior Zoref
Ayelet Noff

While on the subject of collaboration, IBM is showing its collaboration suite in a new (and very interactive) website with the proper url of . At the site you can learn about IBM’s solutions for the connected age, and see how NYPD are utilizing collaboration solutions in order to fight crime.

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